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Lakers’ Dennis Schroder Pays Tribute To Draymond Green After Game 6 Altercation

Dennis Schroder had a great time in Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors. Unlike other games, Coach Darvin Ham decided to put Schroder in the starting lineup of Game 6 ahead of Power Forward Jarred Vanderbilt. It was an exciting series between the Lakers and the Warriors, as expected. However, the Purple and the Gold army won the series in a dominating style as the final result stood 4-2. Albeit, there were a couple of close finishes. And it is always a headache for the opposition about how to stop the Baby-Faced Assassin.

Steph Curry is a relentless and unstoppable force. However, the Lakers managed to keep him as quiet as possible to snatch four wins away in the series. Apparently, Dennis Schroder played an important part in stopping Curry as much as possible. However, he got into a fight with Draymond Green in Game 6 of the semis’ series. However, after the game, Schroder showed his sympathetic side toward his rival.


Dennis Schroder Paid Respect To Green After Their Fight In Game 6

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Dennis Schroder, Anthony Davis & LeBron James Lakers Source: Yahoo

Dennis Schroder found himself in a tussle with the Warriors’ Draymond Green in Game 6. The match was heating up anyway as the Lakers were gaining more leads over the Warriors. However, the tussle started in the first quarter when Schroder taunted Green after he pushed him onto the floor. Later, the Lakers’ player received a technical foul because of taunting the four-time champion. The Kerfuffle heated up even more when Green held a dead ball right in the face of Dennis in the third quarter. In response, Schroder did not back down. As a result, the attendant referee gave both the players a technical foul. However, it was the second foul for Dennis. Hence, he was immediately ejected from the game. Apparently, Dennis Schroder was having a great time on the court till then.

Anyway, the Lakers managed to win the game, and Schroder was relieved. However, after the series was sealed, Dennis Schroder posted a tribute to Draymond Green on Instagram, saying, “You are a big competitor, Draymond Green. Respect for you.” He clearly expressed that there are no hard feelings between the two. Now the question comes what is Green thinking in the offseason? Is he planning to leave the Warriors and want to join LeBron James in the Lakers? Dray Magic has a player option for the next season. On the other hand, Schroder will be a free agent unrestricted in the offseason. Perhaps it was a technical move on his part to clear the air between the two to keep his options available in case of a chance to play alongside the four-time champion.

Lakers Did A Remarkable Job To Stop Steph Curry In Round 2

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Dennis Schroder has been ejected in the third quarter of Game 6 between the Golden State Warriors and LA Lakers. Source: Sportskeeda

The Los Angeles Lakers have now moved on to the next phase, i.e., the Western Conference finals. Now, they must prepare hard to beat the top-seed Denver Nuggets. The Lakers did a great job of stopping Steph Curry in the series, especially Dennis Schroder, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Austin Reaves. These guys made Curry work a lot harder to score those points.

On the other hand, Schroder keeps proving himself as a quality three-pointer shooter. Both Schroder and Vanderbilt have been pretty valuable in the Lakers’ defense throughout the season. Jarred joined the party after he came in February.