Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: The Telegraph

Looks like Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is gearing up to get back to winning ways. The previous year’s W13 car and the current W14 car have caused a lot of problems for the seven-time world champion to be a contender for the title. Last season he could not win even a single Grand Prix. It was for the first time in his career that Hamilton finished a season without a single race win. Moreover, the way the current season has started, it does not look promising for the Briton.

Although this year, Hamilton managed to get to a single podium finish at the Australian Grand Prix. He came second after Max Verstappen. Apparently, the Red Bull drivers have won all the races up till now this season. The Dutchman won three, and Sergio Perez won two. Now, the battle between the two Red Bull drivers is getting intense, and the remaining drivers are just tailing these two for the remaining positions. However, Lewis Hamilton has threatened all of his counterparts that Mercedes will get back to championship contention soon. But how? Keep reading to find out.


Lewis Hamilton Warns Red Bull That Mercedes Will Retain The Title Soon

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: CNN

Mercedes was about to add massive upgrades to the W14 car in Imola. However, because of severe rains, the entire F1 paddock at Imola has been evacuated today. Moreover, the FIA has decided to cancel the race this weekend because of the weather citing the safety of the people. So now, the Mercedes’ upgrades which were scheduled to come up this time at Imola, will get postponed for the next race. Although Lewis Hamilton lately mentioned that he is counting down the days to those modifications. Are the upgrades that good?

It is still not certain how impactful the upgrades will be for Mercedes until the next race happens. However, at a Petronas event, Lewis Hamilton sounded optimistic when he made a cheeky statement. The seven-time champion asserted, “We will get a win at some stage, and we will get back the championship.” Now what does it mean? Is Hamilton talking about this season or the upcoming ones? Is it already too late for Mercedes to fight for the title this season?

Recently, Hamilton responded to fans’ claim that the motorsport is getting very dull as Red Bull has been dominating the grid since last year. This year the Austrian team has won all the races so far. To that, the seven-time champion seems to agree that Formula One is not as competitive at present as NFL or NBA. But he feels that every race for him is an opportunity to make a comeback to winning ways. Lewis even hinted at the failure of the cost cap rule. He mentioned, “They seem to do everything to bring every team at the same level, like introducing cost cap. But nothing seems to work.”

How Important Is It For Hamilton To Start Winning Again?

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Crash.Net

From a team’s perspective, Lewis believes that Mercedes is doing the best they can to give Red Bull a good competition. So, from the sports perspective, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton must get back to winning ways to make the race more exciting and competitive. However, the team will need to depend on the upgrades to make a world of difference.

Hamilton is just prolonging his wish to win the coveted eighth title. The F1 fans have been waiting a long time to see him surpass the great Michael Schumacher for the maximum world title wins. So, only time will tell if or when Mercedes and Hamilton can find the winning ways. However, Mercedes at first needs to get past Aston Martin. Being customers of the Silver Arrows, Aston Martin has done a stunning job of rising up to the second spot behind Red Bull.