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Max Verstappen Finally Lost To Another Mega Athlete In This Field, Check Out

Formula 1 is a niche sport that attracts a dedicated fanbase but does not enjoy the same widespread appeal as football. As a result, the earnings of drivers are influenced by the financial dynamics of the sport and the resources available to the teams. While the top drivers in Formula 1 command substantial salaries, they are generally overshadowed by the earnings of elite footballers. The same has happened with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen, 25, remains the youngest Formula One driver to win a grand prix and a drivers championship. At such young age, the Dutchman has two of them and is in pursuit of a third one. He also stays as one of the highest-earning F1 drivers at present, surpassing the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, in the list. However, it still isn’t enough to make him the highest-paid athlete worldwide. A giant football star has beaten the F1 star by miles.


Kylian Mbappe Beats Max Verstappen To Become The Highest-Paid Athlete Under The Age Of 25

Max Verstappen

Football club PSG’s lead striker, Kylian Mbappe, surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo to become the highest-paid footballer when he signed first with the French team. Over the years, his contract value has just soared through the roof. Recently, Forbes magazine released a list of the top 5 highest-paid athletes under the age of 25. There, Mbappe left behind Formula One reigning champion Max Verstappen to claim first place. And the difference is eye-popping. The footballer currently earns $120 million from PSG, which gets him to the top spot. On the other hand, Red Bull ace, Verstappen, slipped down to third spot with total earnings of $64 million. Kylian is earning almost twice the Dutchman.

The discrepancy in earnings between Mbappe and Verstappen is largely due to the contrasting financial landscapes of football and Formula 1. Football, with its vast global fanbase and lucrative broadcasting rights, generates enormous revenues, allowing top clubs to invest heavily in player salaries. On the other hand, Formula 1 relies heavily on sponsorship deals and commercial partnerships, which can limit the earning potential of individual drivers. While Max Verstappen may not match the earning power of Mbappe in terms of salary alone, it is important to recognize the different contexts and structures of their respective sports. Both athletes have achieved remarkable success at a young age and are poised to have illustrious careers ahead of them.

Christian Horner Believes Verstappen Still Has A Lot Of Racing Left In Him

Red Bull
Photograph: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Red Bull lead driver, Max Verstappen, shook the F1 world when he threatened to quit the sport, irked by the constant format changes. However, his boss and Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, is not worried at all. He believes Verstappen has been the best driver on the grid for over 3-4 years now. He is just 25 and is constantly evolving. Despite winning back-to-back championships, the hunger and drive to win more haven’t left at all.

Hence, Horner feels Max Verstappen still has a lot of racing left in him. He remains rest assured that the Dutchman is not going anywhere any time soon. However, the team principal also acknowledged that Max is the type of man who would do whatever is on his mind. Once the Dutchman had made up his mind, he would not listen to anyone. Hence, one can never guess Verstappen’s next move.