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Christian Horner Reveals How They Keep F1’s Biggest Secret Hidden From Netflix’s Drive To Survive

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner has been part of the Netflix show Drive to Survive for a while now. This show has popularized the sport worldwide, especially in North America. After this docu-series arrival on the streaming giant, many more filmmakers have shown interest in creating movies, documentaries, or docuseries like this one.

The Netflix show clearly has a big impact on Formula One’s popularity all over the world and is suitable for the growth of Motorsport. But sometimes, it is difficult for the team principals and drivers to work around cameras and the crew of the show recording almost everything that is happening around the grid. Talking about the same issue, Red Bull boss Christian Horner revealed that there is not much privacy anymore around the grid due to this show’s crew.


Christian Horner Reveals The Only Tool To Control The Show’s Crew

Christian Horner Red Bull Boss
Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Planet Sport

Other than the fake content that is used in Drive To Survive, it has really helped boost the fan following of motorsport around the globe. Due to that, the F1 bosses allow the show to go on. But Christian Horner revealed why it gets tough to work because of Drive To Survive crew members. Red Bull boss said, “They attach the microphone early on the day, and it keeps recording everything we talk about. The next day when you watch the show, you try to remember if you said, ‘See you tomorrow’ or ‘See you Thursday’ to someone.” Clearly, there is a big lack of privacy. However, the filming team can record whatever the F1 bosses or drivers say the entire day because they are a television show. These crews can record content for as many hours as they like.

But the only thing the F1 people can tell these crew is not to show a part of the car or some footage that is too confidential. Horner feels that it’s the only veto they can use to stop them. On a similar tone, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen feels there is a lack of reality in the show. That’s the reason why he is not a big fan of the show. The Dutchman feels they need to focus on the realistic portrayal of the sport. He says, “I understand it is a show. It needs drama. It needs excitement. But they should not portray someone negatively when there was nothing really negative about an individual or an incident.” The two-time champion is against the idea of showing something in a negative narrative just for entertainment’s sake.  

Nobody Likes The Fake Content Of Drive To Survive

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Toto Wolff Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The Week UK

There have been tons of criticism from F1 teams regarding the Netflix show. Verstappen has been pretty vocal about his wish not to be part of the show Drive To Survive. That is why he did not appear in a few of the seasons of the show. However, Max did join the cast of the Netflix show for its latest season.

The Dutchman was very straightforward to the show’s makers before he took part in the latest season. He also knows that this show is essential for the growth of the sport. Many more F1 personalities, including Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, opined that the show misinterprets a lot of narratives and shows something that has never happened.