On Sunday, during the Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton collided on the track with Alpine’s Fernando Alonso. Meanwhile, after an investigation of the entire crash, the FIA decided not to penalize the British driver. However, it looks like the Mercedes driver will still have to face the penalty for the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. But why is Lewis Hamilton facing a penalty? Keep reading to find out.

Lewis Hamilton Faces An F1 Power Unit Grid Penalty!

In the Belgian Grand Prix, Hamilton’s W13 stopped when he collided with Alonso in the opening lap, launching him into the air. Hamilton said he could feel the damage at the time already. Alonso’s and several vehicles behind him captured the incident on camera. The Mercedes’ F1 car had fluid coming out of the back of it. After colliding with Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton’s power unit was returned to Mercedes’ powertrains facility in Brixworth for evaluation. In the moments following the collision, Engineer Peter Bonnington pushed Hamilton to pull over to the right side of the track. And about 90 seconds after his hard landing, Lewis Hamilton kept going while searching for a place to pull over. Then, in response to more pleas to stop, Lewis turned the power unit off.

The smoke from the vehicle and Bonnington’s anxious communications made it seem as though something might not be right with the V6 after even a brief absence of coolant. Mercedes racing team’s spokesman has since confirmed that the Power unit has been returned to Brixworth. in order for the team to inspect the V6 and decide whether it is ready to be used in additional races.

The V6 in question was nearly brand new, having only been used twice before Hamilton won his third race of the year on Friday at Spa. As a result, it was supposed to last for seven race weekends, possibly allowing Lewis Hamilton to race unabated to the end of 2022. Bu now, its departure from the pool will be expensive. The final MGU-K turbo, MGU-H, control electronics, and energy store for Hamilton are all currently at their maximum utilization levels. Therefore, any additional instances of such things will result in grid penalties.

FIA Explained Why Hamilton Did Not Face Penalty Regarding Crash At Spa

Lewis Hamilton received a power grid penalty from the FIA following the collision with Alonso. Although the FIA stewards looked into the event, they came to the conclusion that neither driver was at fault. This is because it was just a usual type of mishap that can occur on the first lap as vehicles battle for position. There has, however, been discussion on Lewis Hamilton’s punishment. As a result, the FIA has released a statement outlining the sanctions imposed on the British driver.

The stewards determined that Alonso was inside the turn-five wall after reviewing the video evidence, according to the FIA. Additionally, the statement explains why Hamilton’s front wheels were in front of Alonso’s at the turn entry. With both of his right side tires fully on the curb and even partially within the curb, Alonso maneuvered his car to the inside. Alonso, meanwhile, didn’t seem to oversteer or lose control at any stage. He remained next to Lewis Hamilton as he headed toward the corner’s apex, which is when the collision happened.

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