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Mercedes stumbled yet again at the narrow circuit in Monaco as they could not achieve a better finish than P5 and P8 on the narrow street circuit in Monaco. After struggling since the beginning of the season, the Silver Arrows emerged as the fastest team on the Barcelona circuit during the Spanish Grand Prix. However, things quickly changed at Monte Carlo, where the W13 seemed to struggle around slow corners.

Moreover, Lewis seemed to be struggling to get in front of the race this season after failing to win his eighth championship title last year. The seven-time world champ has not been able to win a single race for Mercedes this season, with the new recruit George Russell performing better than him. The 24-year-old has finished ahead in every race except Bahrain, where Lewis secured a podium spot. Therefore, Hamilton is in sixth place in the drivers\’ standings, 75 points behind the championship leader Max Verstappen and 34 points behind fourth-ranked Russell. However, the Briton has claimed that Mercedes would get ready to clinch their first victory of the season during the British Grand Prix in July. Lewis aims to win at his home race which will suit the W13, with Silverstone being one of the fastest tracks on the calendar. 


Hamilton Targets A Win At The British Grand Prix:

Mercedes struggled around the slow corners in Monaco. With the same kind of track in Baku and Montreal, the Silver Arrows might not be able to fight for ta win during the two upcoming races. However, Lewis thinks his home circuit would be the best place to lead Mercedes back to winning ways and challenge the frontrunner, Red Bull and Ferrari. The Briton hoped that the Silver Arrows would have the W13 where they needed it by the time they reached Silverstone. The Mercedes driver shared that he is working every day so that his team can fight on home turf and give the fans the best race of the season. 

Further, the former F1 champion was aware that everyone at the Mercedes factory was working hard to continue making progress with the W13. The Briton had no doubts that the Silver Arrows would eventually achieve their goal.  

However, the German racing team will have to do a lot of work to make up the ground they have lost to Ferrari and Red Bull. The troubles are expected to continue in Azerbaijan and Canada with slow corners. However, the W13 has appeared much better at Barcelona\’s medium and high-speed corners. Thus, Silverstone might be the venue where Mercedes could benefit from the track\’s fast nature and go for a win.

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Shovlin Reveals Mercedes Are Woking Hard To Prepare For Azerbaijan GP:

The Mercedes trackside engineering director has shared that the team was working to ensure that the W13 can perform well on a wide array of circuits. During a debrief video, Andrew Shovlin acknowledged that Baku would pose similar challenges that Mercedes faced in Monaco. Therefore, the Silver Arrows are working on key areas to improve the ride and run the W13 closer to its optimal window. Moreover, Shovlin pointed out that Mercedes needs to make the car perform on a wide range of circuits, apart from enhancing the base performance. 

The British engineer added that the Silver Arrows would be busy next week to prepare for Baku and look for long-term developments with other challenging tracks coming ahead. Shovlin assured that the team and the drivers are working really hard on these projects as they are desperate to get back in front.

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