Lewis Hamilton Joins Brad Pritt Starring Formula One Blockbuster Film As A Consultant!

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Mercedes\’ Lewis Hamilton is one of the biggest names in the history of Formula 1 racing. The Briton has the record for the most (seven) F1 world championships, tied with legendary driver Michael Schumacher. Lewis will be seen in a new role during an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt. The untitled movie would feature the in and out of Formula 1 racing with a compelling story about a racing driver coming out of retirement to make his dream come true.

Announced by Apple Studios last month, Joseph Kosinski, the creator of Top Gun 2 starring Tom Cruise, will direct the upcoming racing project. And now, the veteran British driver has joined the F1 film\’s production team as a consultant. Lewis has agreed to take on the consultant\’s role and will be teaching Hollywood star Brad Pitt all about Formula 1 racing and the skills he would need to get hold of a 200+ mph F1 car. Brad Pitt was invited to the British GP last month along with Tom Cruise as VIP guests to get some F1 action from the circuit.

Brad Pitt

As per an anonymous source, the upcoming racing movie is one of the projects where everything seems to be at the right place at the right time. The source stated that F1 was an enormous sport, and Brad would be the perfect man for the role. He added that Joseph could not have been hotter among the fans after the success of Top Gun 2. Meanwhile, the source suggested that Lewis is also excited about the thought of having a new experience. The source concluded, \”It\’s perfect. They\’re all so up for it.\”

Hamilton To Serve As A Consultant & Executive Producer

The upcoming F1 movie will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton will serve as executive producer for his involvement in making the film. The plot of the movie will depict Brad as a former great racing driver. He is a mentor to a promising rookie driver and decided to come out of retirement to battle for the championship as the young driver\’s teammate. 


Hollywood and American fans are becoming keener about Formula 1 after Netflix\’s Drive to Survive became a huge success. The docuseries helped F1 connect to wider American audiences. Moreover, the sport\’s decision-makers arranged the first ever Miami GP this season to create more interest. F1 is focused on attracting more attention from America, and the upcoming film is expected to impact viewers positively.

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