Lewis Hamilton Is Waiting For A Brazilian Passport, Honorary Citizenship On Cards For Seven-Time World Champ!

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Recently, Lewis Hamilton expressed his desire to spend more time in Brazil during a keynote at the VTEX day event. The seven-time world champ is waiting to get a Brazilian passport. He wants to visit sports stars like Neymar and explore the beautiful culture. Hamilton was knighted at the Windsor Castle ahead of the 2022 season. Moreover, the 37-year-old is being considered for honorary citizenship of the country.

Politician Andre Figueiredo proposed a bill in the parliament about Hamilton\’s citizenship. The British driver waved the Brazilian flag in 2021. He won a Grand Prix in Sao Paulo. The crowd chanted his name along with Aryton Senna. The Mercedes driver shared that international stars like Neymar and Gabriel Medina invite him every year. But, he never had the chance to accept their invitations. Further, Lewis Hamilton said he had only been to Rio and Sao Paulo. However, he would love to come back sometime during Christmas or New Year. Lewis wants to explore the fascinating culture of Brazil. The Brit added, \”I\’m waiting for my Brazilian passport.\”

Will Hamilton Get A Honorary Citizenship?

The chances of Hamilton getting honorary citizenship in Brazil have gone up. Earlier, the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes addressed the issue. Gomes posted on Twitter claiming that Hamilton already lives in the hearts of the Brazilians. The citizenship will bring him closer to the people of Brazil and its culture.

The British racing driver responded to the tweet. Hamilton shared he would be honored to receive citizenship. He also showed his love for the country recently when he posted an image of Brazilian flags. 

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton loves the country as it was also the birthplace of his idol Ayrton Senna. It will not be a surprise if Hamilton chooses to move to Brazil after his retirement from F1. The bill about Lewis\’ citizenship is pending in the lower house of Brazil\’s parliament. The members are yet to vote on it.

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