Lewis Hamilton Demands \”Performance Gain\” From Mercedes To Keep Championship Hopes Alive!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton finished fourth during the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday. His Mercedes teammate Geroge Russell finished third in the race. Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc won the race and increased the points margin further between him and the reigning champ Max Verstappen. Unfortunately, Red Bull had to deal with a huge blow when Verstappen could not manage to finish the race.

George Russell managed to get the final place at the podium. It has been a good weekend for Mercedes, following the disasters in Bahrain and Jeddah. However, Mercedes\’ W13 is not completely fixed yet, and they seem to be lacking consistent pace compared to Ferrari and Red Bull.

Hamilton has warned his team that W13 needs urgent improvements if he needs to stay in the championship title race. Hamilton is trailing Leclerc by 43 points after the first three races. The deficit is huge, and it will be really hard for Lewis and Mercedes to cover up. Ferrari has been on top of its game with new aerodynamic regulations in place, while Mercedes is still struggling with the porpoising issue and lack of pace. 

Hamilton & Russell

Hamilton Feels Mercedes In Urgent Need Of A Performance Gain

After Sunday\’s race, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that his team would not be able to cover up the deficit if they didn\’t fix their issues soon. He revealed that he would take all means possible to encourage the higher-ups at Mercedes to increase the performance of the W13. Hamilton insisted, \”We need it now, not in two or three races.\”

Lewis said he would try to keep the energy high and urge his bosses to rally up during Zoom calls. He revealed that Mercedes needs to make sure not to leave any stone unturned. The seven-time world champ said that the team is hungry to win as they try to maximize every moment.

Hamilton added, \”I will be chasing the people in the wind tunnel, the aerodynamic guys, and just looking at every single area.\” Lewis got frustrated during the race after Russell was able to pass him by taking a pit stop under the safety car. Lewis Hamilton told his team during a radio call, \”You guys put me in a really difficult position.\”


The British driver

clarified his comments and said that his remark was not meant to question being treated unfairly. Hamilton said he could not race for a position because his car was constantly overheating. Hence, he was forced to back off, which led to a frustrating comment toward his team. Hopefully, Mercedes finds a way soon so Lewis Hamilton can revive his campaign to win the eight-championship title.

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