Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have progressed well after the horrific start of the 2022 championship. While the Silver Arrows are yet to win a race this year, Lewis Hamilton seems to have got back into his groove with three back-to-back podiums in Canada, Silverstone, and Austria. The seven-time world champ came close to a win in Silverstone, where the Briton showed some competitive pace troubling the frontrunners. He was chasing the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz on fresher soft tyres. However, a late safety car ruined his chances of securing his first GP win of the season.

Amid the expectations of a three-way fight between Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes, Dutch NASCAR driver Sebastiaan Bleekmolen has claimed that the Silver Arrows could win this year only if their opponents continue to have reliability issues. Bleekmolen also claimed that Lewis Hamilton could pick up victories if the frontrunners continued to have bad days.


Red Bull and Ferrari have struggled with reliability issues on a regular basis. Red Bull\’s reliability concerns gave Ferrari an early lead in the championship. However, Scuderia\’s similar concerns have brought Red Bull back on top. Moreover, while the championship hangs in the balance, Mercedes\’ progress to the front could cause some problems for its rivals.


As per the Dutch driver, a victory is just around the corner for Silver Arrows if they continue to perform strong and keep competing. Sebastiaan mentioned that Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz retired during the last weekend in Austria. And this could happen again during the upcoming races. The NASCAR driver added that if other teams continue to have, the Silver Arrows could have an opportunity to win.

Could Mercedes Continue Their Silverstone Performance & Win A Race?

Sebastiaan further stated that a realistic goal for Toto Wolff would be to secure a race win. Hamilton has shown that he is a real-world champion in recent times. The Dutchman said Hamilton secured an array of podiums with a tough car purely due to his racing skills. \”It\’s a combination of the car and Hamilton. If it runs, I expect another victory,\” he added.


Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were brilliant during the British Grand Prix in Silverstone after they lost George Russell early in the race. Hamilton was quite competitive since the start and put some real pressure on the frontrunners, leading the race for the first time this season. Mercedes\’ team principal said Hamilton could have won the race in Silverstone if the late safety car had not been triggered. 

Bleekmolen also complimented the German team\’s efforts at the British GP. Sebastiaan reckoned that Mercedes were quite strong in their efforts to get close to Red Bull and Ferrari. He could see a Mercedes win coming ahead if they continue to keep the trend going. The NASCAR racer also mentioned George Russell and said the Briton should not be discounted. Bleekmolen concluded, \”Hamilton is fast and he races well. I wouldn\’t be surprised if they get at least another second place and maybe a win.\”

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