Charles Leclerc & Max Verstappen
Leclerc & Verstappen

Red Bull and Ferrari have been the frontrunners for the f1 championship this season. The two outfits have been faster than any team across the circuit, including the reigning constructors\’ champion Mercedes. Both Red Bull and Ferrari\’s cars have had a slight edge over the other in several parts of the circuits. Red Bull\’s RB18 has been the fastest in terms of straight-line pace, while Ferrari\’s F1-75 is faster across the corners. With Charles Leclerc winning in Austria, the championship battle with Max Verstappen has come into the balance. 

However, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has claimed that his team had reduced Red Bull\’s straight-line pace advantage to negligible with the introduction of a new part in their F1-75. The Ferrari team principal revealed that the Scuderia had been working on a solution to match Red Bull\’s straight-line pace. The Italian outfit designed a low-drag rear wing combined with the DRS. This has made Ferrari nearly as quick as Red Bull in the straights, visible during the Austrian Grand Prix.

Ferrari & Red Bull

Binotto explained that Ferrari had a slight disadvantage compared to Red Bull in terms of straight-line speed, especially in DRS ones. Hence, the Scuderia worked hard to match Red Bull\’s DRS pace. Further, Mattia added the newly designed rear wingtv was first introduced to Charles\’ car in Canada before installing it on both the F1-75s in Silverstone.

As per the Ferrari boss, the new rear wing\’s introduction had reduced the gap to Red Bull in terms of pace. Binotto admitted that Red Bull still has a slight advantage. However, the Italian engineer reckoned that the advantage was negligible. The wing change has allowed Ferrari to gain straight line speed without compromising tyre degradation or grip due to downforce setup chances.

Can Charles Leclerc Close The Gap To Max Verstappen In Paul Ricard?

Formula 1 will move to Paul Ricard for the French Grand Prix in Paul Ricard. The circuit is considered to be quite fast, providing a slight advantage to Ferrari. Charles Leclerc won his third race of the season, finishing ahead of Max Verstappen in front of his Dutch fans. Ferrari could have had a one-two finish. However, Carlos Sainz\’s engine caught fire, resulting in forced retirement. 

Leclerc & Hamilton In Austria

As a result, the Austrian GP victory allowed Leclerc to reduce Verstappen lead to 38 points in the constructors\’ championship. If Ferrari and Leclerc record their second straight win in France, they could get quite closer to Red Bull and Max in both the championships. However, Mercedes could be a big surprise, spoiling the party for the frontrunners. The Silver Arrows have improved with each race and could record their first season victory at the Paul Ricard Circuit.

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