Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Hamilton is an absolute legend of Formula One motorsport for many reasons. Fans know that Hamilton is a true fighter. In the world of Formula, One, the white skins have domination that nobody really likes to talk about. But from an outside perspective, like someone who has not much of an idea about the sport or the history of the sport. They can point out that there is not much diversity in terms of skin complexion. Not many black or colored skin drivers are visible to the naked eye.

The untrained eye can only see that the Europeans dominate the grid, but all are primarily whites. Against all odds, a true racer emerged from the land of the first tier of white-skinned society and broke all records to become the greatest racer of all time. This great racer is none other than Lewis Hamilton. On the podcast show of Jay Shetty, On Purpose, Hamilton revealed how tough it was to grow up as a kid in England.

Lewis Ham

Also, being one of the three or four colored or black students at a Catholic school was nothing but the most traumatic period of his life. Hamilton mentioned that racing was the only source of escape from this real world of discrimination. However, when he entered the F1 arena, he realized that he was the only black driver. It was an unimaginably hard time, but Lewis credits his father as his most significant source of inspiration. Lewis Hamilton revealed on the podcast that his dad taught him how to control emotions and the fact that things will get easier once he proves his mettle on the big stage. He has followed his father’s advice ever since.

Tough Time For Lewis Hamilton And Mercedes

Hence there is absolutely no doubt that Lewis Hamilton is mentally a strong and determined character. This character comes in handy when things don’t go as one might have expected. After the 2020 championship, Sir Lewis Hamilton has achieved the most number of race wins and podium finishes and, most importantly, equaled the Legend Michael Schumacher in winning the most number of driver’s championship titles. One more title and he could have become the greatest F1 driver of all time, statistically. He came pretty close in the very next 2021 championship, but after a close fight and a little controversy, he lost his domination to the new and current champion, Max Verstappen. The Dutchman won the 2022 championship with utter dominance.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

On the other hand, the Silver Arrows, who were at the pinnacle of the sport, fell so low. That they managed to win a solitary Grand Prix in Brazil. But it was not the usual Mercedes face that dominated the F1 grid. It was the new promising driver, George Russell. For the first time in his professional career, Lewis Hamilton went through a season without winning at a single Grand Prix. Even after these challenging times, the close associates of the Silver Arrows team have never seen the seven-time champ lose his calm.

Members Of Mercedes Reveals Hamilton’s Caliber

According to the chief technical officer of the Brackley-based team, James Allison, “Lewis Hamilton has a hunger for winning a race like a carnivore. But he will never lose his temper if things don’t go his way. He is so admirable in the way he interacts with every one of us on the team. A true mark of a great sportsman. That’s why I have got a soft spot for him.” Allison has worked with legends of the sport in his long career, like Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, etc. But still, he feels that Hamilton is faster than all of them.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton

Again the chief engineer of the Silver Arrows, Andrew Shovlin, mentioned, “Lewis Hamilton is the best guy at handling losses and pressure. You can’t expect him to be happy when he loses, but he never shows his disappointment in others. He is the guy to make the best sort of comeback. As he has the strong mind and hunger of winning.” Everybody in the world of Formula One, not just in the Mercedes team, respects this great British racer. Fans will hope he makes a terrific comeback in 2023 at 38.             

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