Lewis Hamilton

The seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, for the very first time, is heading to give his first-ever podcast interview with none other than the most famous Jay Shetty, releasing on January 23, 2023. Jay Shetty hosts a podcast program named ON Purpose. All the superstars from the world are called to share their Purpose in life.

Celebrities like Kevin Heart, Matthew McConaughey, Trevor Noah, and many more have recently been seen sharing their life secrets on the ON Purpose Podcast show. Jay Shetty also the New York Times’s best-selling author is one of the best therapists the world has got free. This upcoming podcast of Shetty will indeed be one of the best motivational shows for all the dreamers out there.

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Apparently, from the motorsports world, there is no other driver more loved than Lewis Hamilton. He has a backstory that can motivate, inspire and encourage all the humans alive in the world. He was a poor black guy with dreams 20 years ago and now look at him. The only black guy in the entire Formula One history so far holds the most records. He has the record for most world titles standing neck-to-neck with Michael Schumacher. Hamilton has 103, which is the most number of wins. He had scored the highest score in a season, but unfortunately, after 2022, Max Verstappen took that record. In conclusion, let’s say Lewis Hamilton is the most successful motor sportsman who is also the first black in the field. Breaking all the barriers of struggles and achievements he believes anyone can do it.

Lewis Hamilton, The Most Purposed Person to Ever Come To Jay Shetty’s ON Purpose

Apparently, in the ON Purpose podcast getting released on January 23, the seven-time Formula One world champion is going to reveal some of his major life secrets with many unheard events. The trailer of the upcoming podcast is out, and it is already filled with everything that one needs to hear. How the last decade was filled with the “Lewis Hamilton Wins” sound. And how the little black struggled with racism, financial issues, and other difficulties yet became a seven-time world champion. The way Hamilton explains the key to his success, which is only remembering never to give up, made the host Jay Shetty say, “you are the most purposed person he has ever interviewed.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, as the last season went drastically disastrous, in which Hamilton broke his winning streaks, it is somehow leaving an impact on his career. According to Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes trackside engineer, Lewis Hamilton is the one driver who never leaves a thing wrong before going to the race. “Ultimately, Hamilton finds an area that he thinks he is not good enough at. In The end, he solves it through hard work.” At present, the Mercedes driver is all set for a strong comeback. He is already going round and round to make sure whatever he needs is there in the car or not. He dreams of ultimately breaking Schumacher’s record before retiring.

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