Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

LA Lakers are having a stressful season at the moment. They rank 13th in the Western Conference points table after 20-25. Despite five consecutive wins, the purple and gold are stuck in a black hole. Moreover, the resurgence nearly looks impossible after three back-to-back losses in the past week. Furthermore, the Lakers missed several opportunities to close the game after choking in the final seconds of the past few matches.

The LA Lakers last played against Sacramento Kings on Thursday night. After almost dominating the first three quarters, the purple and gold choked in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, wherein they threw away 8 points against 3 and lost the game by 111-116. However, a hilarious moment during the game featuring Russell Westbrook has gone viral on social media. Westbrook reportedly played an unusual trick to avoid getting a call.


Russell Westbrook Chose Unique Antic To Avoid A Travel Call

Russell Westbrook is having an average ongoing season. After a horrifying previous season, fans hoped for better from Westbrook. However, things went sideways just at the start of the season when the Lakers lost a series of the game. Moreover, rumors are rife that these are some final moments of the point guard in Hollywood as he is all set to be traded at the end of the season. However, putting aside all the rumors and conjectures, Russell Westbrook is viral on social media with his yet another antic to avoid a travel call.

While playing against the Kings on Thursday, Russell Westbrook received a pass from Tony Brown Jr. The point guard decided to attempt a three-pointer. However, Russell changed his mind and decided to abort the shot mid-air. Further, in order to avoid a travel call, Westbrook threw the ball right at Kevin Huerter, who was positioned to stop Russell. The ball hit Kevin’s chest and went straight back to Westbrook. Subsequently, Russell’s attempt to evade a travel call has left the fans in split. The clip is going viral on social media, and fans are loving it. Well, at the end of the day, the point guard did save the ball possession and a potential travel call.

Battered Badly By Injuries, Can The Lakers Find A Way Around?

LeBron James

The LA Lakers hoped for a better fate in 2022 after a terrible 2021 season. In 2021, the Lakers struggled as both stalwarts, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, suffered from injuries. However, fate did not favor the purple and gold, as they lost AD this season as well. AD has been missing in action since December. While Lebron James has been delivering back-to-back 30+, 40+ points performances, the lack of substantial support from the other end is hurting the team’s final results.

The duo of Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroder are trying their best to assist King James. However, it’s not enough to get the Lakers past the finish line. Meanwhile, the purple and gold could use the trade window to alter the lineup. However, until and unless the injured guys are not present in court, the resurgence looks highly unlikely. Even LeBron admitted that the lack of big guys on the court is the primary reason for their back-to-back losses.

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