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The Los Angeles Lakers would want to maximize this season as LeBron James is playing his best game at 38. However, there is an ongoing debate in the front office about going all out or waiting for the future. It looks like the LA administration is not convinced of the team’s progress and still has no faith in them. There have been many stretches where Hollywood was seen helpless regardless of their three superstars on the court. And the Lakers executives dont want to waste resources on a season that might result in disappointment.

LA has been missing their blockbuster power forward, Anthony Davis, since last month. The 29-year-old injured himself in the game against the Denver Nuggets on Dec 16. After his departure, the team was expected to doom. But LeBron James has led the team on his shoulders ever since Davis’ injury, the Lakers are 8-8. Meanwhile, Hollywood worked out two players who could get a contract from the front office to help the team. But the Lakers have still not confirmed anything about their trade strategy. LeBron needs help around him. Even with his monstrous performance, he will need quality players to support him.

LeBron James
LeBron James

LA Still Has A Chance To Reach Playoffs With LeBron James

The Lakers are currently in 13th position in the Western Conference table with a 20-24 record in the league. They could have wandered much below if it was not for LeBron James’ performances lately. King has been amazingly good after Christmas, leading the team and scoring high points. It seems he wants to leave no stone unturned for the Lakers to reach the playoffs. But the 38-year-old is not receiving any support from his administration. And there is no doubt that the Lakers could not lift the trophy with the current team they are rocking. However, James’ ex-teammate believes if anyone could lead Hollywood to playoffs, it is the Akron Hammer.

In an interview with Liam Solomon of Basketball insider, Ronny Turiaf, ex-Lakers player, showed confidence in LeBron James. Turiaf said you have a chance if you have LeBron on your team. The Frenchmen played for LA in 2006, and he was a second-draft pick. He spent two years in a Purple and Gold jersey before leaving the team for Golden State Warriors. And then finally teaming up with the 18-time All-star in Miami Heat. In 2012 he won his one and only NBA title with Heat alongside King James. So the Frenchman is aware of the abilities and capabilities of the four-time champ.

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Apart from LeBron James, there are many great players that Ronny teamed up with in his 12-year-long NBA career. In his first contract with the Lakers, he played alongside the late Kobe Bryant. And before coming to Miami, he played with Steph Curry in Golden State Warriors. So when asked about his favorite players in the NBA, he puts Bryant at the top, following Curry at second, and finally, LeBron. Although James comes third, Turiaf has incredible faith in his abilities to lead a team.

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