What do you think of Max Verstappen? Is he a good driver? YES, OF COURSE! But is he the favorite one? Millions of fans love the way Max Verstappen is, the way he wins races. But other millions hate the way he throws off other drivers from the track while heading to the victory. In the most ferocious season of Formula one, in 2021, The Dutchman made a lot of insane moves.

Max went above the head of the seven-time world champion. He went off the track in Brazil after colliding with Lewis Hamilton. And in Saudi Arabia, he just crossed the line. Despite those stunning wins Max has, he has these aggressive moments also, which overall depict him as a “Mad Max.”


Recently, a YouTuber with 2.19 million subscribers did a proper analysis of Max Verstappen and made him appear in the bad book list. It is not unknown to anyone how the Red Bull driver remained in controversies after the 2021 Formula One championship. His aggressive defense on track made him win his first championship.

Formula One

But he also developed a lot of haters. In the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021, Max Verstappen took advantage of the “human error” Michael Masi made in making the last moment decision. He defeated Lewis Hamilton as he was on soft tyres, and the F1 director allowed only to unlap the cars.

“Why Is Max Verstappen so Fast? He Is A Bit Petulant”

The battle of the pair did not end there. Last year, Verstappen clinched the title without any severe battle. But even for once, yes, he did collide with Lewis Hamilton also in 2022. In the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, when for the first time in the season, Max Verstappen was dealing with P7 and was too much frustrated, he tried throwing off the other drivers. And unfortunately, the other was none other than his old rival, Lewis Hamilton. For the move, Max was found guilty and was given a 5s penalty.

The point here is, Max Verstappen is not very much liked for his furious colliding tactics. The YouTuber named, WillNE recently uploaded a video and talked about the famous celebrities he loves and hates. It is not clear if he loves Lewis Hamilton or not, but he definitely hates Max Verstappen because “he is fu*king fast”?

Adding Max Verstappen to his bad books, the YouTuber said, “This person right up, he never f***ng yields.” He explained that if you do not watch Formula One, you won’t understand. But if you know, you can understand that Verstappen can easily get slower than “someone else when he overtakes the other. But he is a bit, “petulant. I do not like him mainly because he is too fast.”

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Colliding At Interlagos

The most exciting or, let’s say to be noted thing about the video is that he added Max Verstappen to the same list where he added Modern Day H***, Harmless, and Bad Vibes. So it was not at all a gentle addition for the Red Bull star.

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