Bronny LeBron James

Bronny James receives the spotlight every step of the way, being the son of one of the greatest athletes ever in the world. LeBron James has set next-level standards. And with his son choosing a similar path, a lot is expected from the high school youngster. LeBron\’s family receives a lot of attention from the LA media. Especially his son, who is expected to enter the NBA draft in 2024. The 17-year-old is a four-star rated player in the 2023 high school batch. He is set to enter his senior year of high school and currently attends the Sierra Canyon School in San Fernando Valley.

The 6\’4\” tall youngster has received a great deal of interest from basketball programs like Rutgers University. Bronny is also ranked 30th among young NBA stars in America. The younger James is aiming for the 2024 draft picks to make his father\’s dream come true.


Bronny James recently got his first set of tattoos inked. The tattoo artist @gangatatoo shared an Instagram post on Wednesday thanking LeBron\’s son for showing trust in the artist and letting him carve Bronny\’s first tattoo. However, the youngster did not get just one tattoo. In a number of images shared by the tattoo artist, Bronny is seen getting a tattoo behind his neck along with a couple of tattoos on his left and right wrists. The images suggest that Bronny had a great time getting inked for the first time.

Will LeBron James Get To Play With Bronny James Before He Retires?

While Bronny may not be as special and magical as young LeBron James yet, many experts have suggested that the youngster has potential. Many schools, including UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas, have already offered Bronny scholarships. Moreover, NBA scouts have also commended the youngster\’s game feel and poise on the basketball court. He is likely to be a part of 2024 Draft. LeBron has told numerous times that he wants to play with his son in the NBA. 


Meanwhile, LeBron\’s contract with the lakers will expire at the end of the next season. He will become eligible for an extension deal on Sunday. However, the four-time champ has not revealed his plans yet. So, his future with the Lakers remains uncertain amid the franchise struggles. However, the Lakers could make James stay if they promise to bid for Bronny James when he comes to the league.

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