LeBron James Would Have To Pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar To Be The GOAT, Claimed Julius Erving!

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The debate whether LeBron James is the greatest player in the NBA history has been going on for almost a decade. However, the Lakers\’ disappointing run raised some concerns about the King\’s reputation even when he scored an average of 30 points per game in his 19th season. James came close to the scoring title at the age of 37 but missed out on the qualification. Moreover, LeBron also surpassed Karl Malone to become the second-highest scorer in NBA after Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

The argument about LeBron James surpassing Micheal Jordan as the GOAT caught more heat when the former won his fourth Finals MVP with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the Lakers\’ regular season elimination has affected James\’ defense against Micheal Jordan for the GOAT\’s title. Meanwhile, LeBron managed to win two straight championships and four regular-season MVPs before 2013. Hence, he made his case to be considered a GOAT much stronger by achieving the incredible feat even before the age of 30. Julius Erving once provided a fresh take on LeBron\’s GOAT debate. That is fairly different from most fans, experts, and players.

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Julius Erving Has His Say On LeBron James\’ Goat Debate

The former Philadelphia 76ers legend was considered the Micheal Jordan of his era in the 80s. Julius Erving holds a great reputation in the NBA fraternity for his on-court magic and off-court financial tactics. But, Dr. J is from a completely different era of the NBA, and his GOATS are from the 1960s. Julius believes that his starting five would star players he grew up watching, like Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Oscar Robertson.

Erving was asked about his insight on whether or not LeBron James would surpass Micheal Jordan or equalize him. Dr. J replied that James would have to go past Kareem Abdul Jabbar for him to be the greatest. Erving considers Jabbar as the best athlete to have ever played in the NBA. Kareem has played 1560 games in the league and scored the highest 38,387 points in his career. LeBron James is second on the list with 1366 games and 37062 points. He is not far from the former Lakers legend and would most likely become the highest scorer in NBA next season.

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Moreover, when it comes to playoffs, James has played the most 266 games compared to Kareem\’s 237 and Jordan\’s 179 games. The King has scored the highest 7631 points, which takes him to the league of the former NBA legends. James is 37, and he still has a few seasons left in him. The Lakers star will most likely emerge as the GOAT. In addition, the debate is bound to continue beyond his career.

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