LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the greatest players to have blessed the NBA with his presence. The 37-year-old has dominated the league for 19 seasons. This will not end very soon, as he looks in perfect condition to carry on leading in future seasons. The Lakers superstar has shown his immense potential to the critics repeatedly with his performances under pressure and record-breaking game.

The four-time NBA champion led the Cleveland Cavalier to their first ever NBA championship in 2016, carrying each team he has played for throughout his career. Last season, despite the Lakers struggling to win, LeBron James averaged 30.3 points with 8.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game. He also surpassed Karl Malone to become the second-highest scorer in the league after Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 


Moreover, James will most likely break Jabbar\’s record for the most points as he is just over 1300 points behind. However, while James continues to clinch more records, he has an exceedingly incredible record already under his name. LeBron has been the final MVP four times in his career and has performed better than the New York Pelicans in the playoffs in terms of wins, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

LeBron James: A Man Against The Whole Franchise!

James has always been the best performer he has played for over the course of his career. Every team that he plays for has a high chance of making it to the playoffs due to his dominating performance. Lebron is used to carrying franchises on his shoulders with his single-handed performances. He is set to take over Abdul Jabbar to become the highest scorer in his 20th season. Moreover, James is also in the top 10 for all-time assists and triple-doubles. 

James vs. Pelicans

Further, the 18-time All-Star greatness has been proven by the fact that he has performed better than a whole franchise of players over the years. Currently, James is ahead of the New Orleans Pelicans in five major categories. The 37-year-old has 174 playoff wins as compared to the Pelicans\’ 22. He has scored 7631 total points in the postseason, while New Orleans has scored only 1149 points. Further, LeBron has more rebounds 2391 to 2274, assists 1919 to 1149, steals 454 to 391, and blocks 252 to 243, compared with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Evidently, the Pelicans are yet to make a mark in the playoffs, having appeared only eight times so far. The franchise has not found their franchise star yet as their draft picks like Chris Paul and Anthony Davis, not sticking around for long. However, the franchise has seen some positive development, with Brandon Ingram, CJ McCollum, and Jose Alvarado performing well. Moreover, the Pelicans have recently signed a five-year, $213M deal with Zion Williamson, who will be returning after missing out on the last season due to a fractured foot.

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