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LeBron James has been a part of the NBA for a long time. The four-time NBA champ played his 19th season with the Los Angeles Lakers this season. However, the terrible performance from the Lakers this season has given way to speculations about James\’ retirement. Moreover, fans have wondered how many years of professional basketball the 37-year-old has left in him. Despite LA being knocked out of the regular season, LeBron had been in top form, scoring an average of 30.3 points with 8.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists in 56 games. The King shot 52.4 percent from the field and 35.9 percent from beyond the arc. Only a few players in NBA have performed better than LeBron during the 2021-2022 championship. 

The 18-time NBA All-Star came very close to winning the scoring title, missing out on the qualification by two games. He also broke Karl Malone\’s record for the second highest points in the league. Now, only Kareem Abdul Jabbar is ahead of LeBron James in the highest scores in NBA. Moreover, the four-time MVP would definitely love to end his career as the highest scorer with a couple more rings. With the kind of form LeBron James has displayed, the Lakers would hope that he stays with the franchise for at least a few more seasons. James answered the questions of several fans about the future of his career.


LeBron Responds To Retirement Questions and His Future In NBA

Recently, LeBron James responded to a fan\’s questions on Twitter about the number of years he has left in him as a top-tier basketball athlete. King James responded that it was really up to him and his mental health to stay fresh and sharp. LeBron further said that he is still crazily driven by the sport, and he would like to go on as long as he can.

Meanwhile, James has stated several times that he would love to share a dressing room with his son Bronny before he retires from NBA. A fan asked if James was 100% sure about playing with Bronny before his retirement. The Lakers superstar responded that his plan was to hold on until Bronny makes it to the league if it is God\’s will.

LeBron James would be focused on winning the trophy for the Lakers after a terrible season. With injuries to Anthony Davis and James, LA was forced to rely on other players like Westbrook, who failed to deliver when it was needed the most. The Lakers front office has fired their 2020 championship-winning coach Frank Vogel. And they will look to make some crucial changes in the roster for the 2022-23 championship. 

With LeBron on the team, the Lakers would feel that they have a chance in the Western Conference. He has played 102 games for the franchise in the last two years. However, LeBron has plenty of time to rest and recover before returning healthy and ready for the next championship this offseason.

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