LeBron James Opens Up About His Future At The Los Angeles Lakers!

LeBron james

LeBron James has proved himself with his consistent performance with the Lakers that he is not done yet. He crossed Karl Malone to become the second-highest scorer in NBA history, with only Laker legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar ahead of him. James also came within touching distance of winning a scoring title at the age of 37. However, a twisted ankle cost him qualification for the criteria. He played two games less than the required number of 58. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers had a terrible season despite consistent elite performances from LeBron James. Los Angeles was eliminated even before the play-ins and finished at the 11th spot in the Western Conference.

Now, LeBron James is heading towards the final year of his contract with the Lakers. There have been several rumors that the four-time MVP will not be used as crucially by the franchise next year. However, James has proved that he still has a few elite years left in him, whether he stays with the Lakers or not. LeBron James also shared his opinion about his future at the Los Angeles Lakers during his recent exit interview.

LeBron James

James Will Become Eligible To Sign A Contract Extension This Summer

LeBron refused to reveal his interest in extending his contract with LA after 2023. James told that no one at the Lakers has the liberty to discuss the Collective Bargaining Agreement until later in the year. LeBron said, \”I know it\’s out there, but we can\’t, even myself and Rich can\’t even talk with Rob Pelinka or the front office at all because of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.\” 

Thus, LeBron James and the higher-ups will have to wait until later in the summer to discuss the possibility of the 37-year-old staying with Purple & Gold beyond 2023. However, the way James has played this season, it sure seems that he can manage to stay elite beyond 40, just like Tom Brady in the NFL. 


James Wants To Win Another Championship With The Lakers

During his exit interview, James revealed that he came to the Lakers to win a championship, and he wants to win more. He has accomplished his initial goal but is still hungry for more. James was confident that the franchise would want the same as the Lakers have always been about winning.

Moreover, LeBron James hopes that he can play a crucial role in changing the narrative after a terrible season. He wants to prove that the elite franchise can win at the highest level again. Just like they have done for decades and decades. Meanwhile, James pointed out that he joined the team when Magic Johnson was around. LeBron said that he told Johnson and Pelinka about wanting the franchise to become a champion again, which he managed to do in 2020. However, he still has the hunger to do it again for the Purple and Gold.


The Lakers won the 2020 NBA title legitimately. However, some fans think that LA had the edge as the tournament took place inside the Walt Disney World Bubble in the absence of fans. Moreover, the players did not have to deal with away games. The Lakers got lucky as they did not have to face the Los Angeles Clippers

and the Milwaukee Bucks. They were the other major contenders to win the title during the 2019-20 season. Thus, if LeBron James manages to take the Lakers to another championship title, he will undisputedly cement his position as the greatest player in the franchise\’s history.

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