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“LeBron James Is God’s Greatest Gift To Basketball,” Allen Iverson Shares His Personal Feeling About The GOAT Debate

The GOAT Debate in NBA is one of the very few debates that seem to be a never-ending process. It is tough indeed to pick one between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. One made the game an absolute fan favorite, and the other has broken all sorts of records there is to break. What is more critical – Impact or Records? Today’s superstars all credit the “Black Jesus” for making them fall in love with basketball. Almost everybody says they wanted to be like Michael Jordan when they were growing up. But who knows who will inspire future generations?

Will LeBron James be able to boost the kids to take up basketball as a viable career option like what MJ did for him? King James has often said that MJ really was his big inspiration. The kind of reach Michael Jordan had is unparallel to any other player in basketball. Even for someone who had no clue about the rules or teams of the NBA had heard the name MJ.

Michael Jordan- LeBron James - GOAT

For many, the name Michael Jordan is synonymous with Basketball. But then comes the longevity and records of the modern-day superstar LeBron James. King James has not broken the 38-year-old history of the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the leader of the all-time top scoring. But also, he has climbed up to the list of the top five assists of all time.

For many, the 38-year-old record was unbreakable, but finally, the day came when King James dethroned the captain to be the new leader. Hence these unbelievable contributions of these two simply greatest players of the game make it really hard to choose one.

Who’s The GOAT? LeBron James Or Michael Jordan

GOAT Debate
Allen Iverson on who’s the GOAT?

 There are few players available who can share their experience of playing with or against both MJ and King. Allen “The Answer” Iverson is one of them. The former Philadelphia 76ers superstar Allen Iverson spoke about the dilemma of picking one in a recent interview with Andscape’s Marc J. Spears. The Answer first said, “I hate this comparison since I love both of them so much.” According to the 11-time All-Star, “MJ has been everything to me. It’s because of him I started playing basketball. You know, like the commercial, I wanted to ‘Be Like Him.’ I still get starstruck today when I see him. That’s how much I love him. Michael Jordan is above all on my list.”

However, the veteran also mentioned that LeBron James is the total package. He added, “If you check any basketball dictionary, you’ll find a picture of LeBron James. After what he has accomplished, it is only fair to say he is God’s greatest gift to basketball.” Like the Answer, a lot of legends, players, and fans find it hard to come to a conclusion to this GOAT debate.

When asked about being voted the most popular athlete in history above Babe Ruth and Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan once said, “it depends on who’s voting. If the majority of voters are the youth, it is understandable why they have chosen me. Since I’m the youngest of the other two, you mentioned. I’m sure, like twenty years later, the youth will choose LeBron James. It depends on the generations and the one that follows.”