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LeBron James Likely To Ask For A Trade From Lakers This Summer Citing Roaster Problems, Claims NBA Analysts

As per NBA writers, LeBron James is highly likely to ask the Lakers for a trade post the conclusion of the ongoing season.

Los Angeles Lakers are on the brink of playoff elimination for the second time in a row. They stand 13th on the Western Conference points table with 27-32. While the club is planning to make a final playoff push, realistically speaking, a comeback from this stage will demand extraordinary stuff from the Lakers’ current lineup. Further, the front office tried to overhaul the lineup with quick trades on the day of the deadline.


However, only time will tell if this is enough to get them that playoff berth. Meanwhile, the one person sitting on the bench with extreme frustration is none other than four-time NBA champion LeBron James. LeBron is the leading point scorer of the Lakers this season with multiple 40+ point games. However, his efforts are washed down the drain due to a lack of team support. And as the veteran turned 38 last year, his future with the Lakers looks uncertain.

LeBron James Could Part Ways With Lakers During The Upcoming Off-Season

LeBron James

LeBron James is a highly celebrated basketball player with many records under his name. A few weeks ago, James registered himself in the history books after being crowned the leading point scorer in the NBA. However, all his personal glory has not transitioned well for his team, LA Lakers. Every time, LeBron breaks an NBA record, the Lakers always end up as the losing team of the night. Hence, NBA writers sense a feeling of dissatisfaction in LeBron’s heart and mind.

Last week when Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report published an article about five players who could hit the trade market next season, LeBron James appeared on the list. According to Grant, King James’ NBA career clock is ticking, and he wants to win a title before he closes the curtains on his glorious career. Moreover, James thinks the Lakers are not a place wherein he can fulfill his last dream. Hence, the 38-year-old will likely ask for a trade ahead of the next NBA season. While both LeBron James and the Lakers have kept mum on the former’s future, speculations are rife that this may be the end of LeBron’s association with the Lakers.

LeBron Faces Injury Scare During All-Star Game

LeBron James
LeBron James

Lakers superstar, LeBron James, captained his team at the NBA 2023 All-Star game on Sunday. After concluding the draft picks on stage, Team LeBron and Team Giannis stepped on the court for the game. Furthermore, Jayson Tatum of Team Giannis wreaked havoc as he clocked 55 points and led his team to a perfect victory. On top of that, Tatum received his first Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP award. However, LeBron faced an injury scare during the first half of the game, which forced him to miss the remaining half of the match.

During the second quarter, LeBron James’ fingers tangled up on the rim while attempting a block. The hit took a toll on his wrist, and the veteran decided to opt out of the rest of the game. However, James assured the fans that it was just a precautionary measure and he would be fine and resume the season with the Lakers. FYI, James is reeling under constant injuries. Before the all-star break, he missed three games in a row due to a sore ankle.