Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks-Anthony Rizzo

New York Yankees baseman, Anthony Rizzo, reveals how a player under scrutiny like Aaron Hicks can counter harsh criticism.

New York Yankees lost to Houston Astros last season during ALCS due to a lack of team play. This is the 13th year since the Yanks last brought the championship trophy back home. Naturally, the frustration of the fans is building up. Moreover, the fans use the easily accessible platform, the internet, to express their dissent. And at times, things heat, and the people go overboard.


Such a situation occurred to New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks. Hicks signed a seven-year extension deal worth $70 million with the Yanks in 2019, and his form has taken a hit ever since. The Hicks that the Bombers knew was gone, and it was just a mediocre player playing in to fill the squad. Hence, Aaron Hicks has been subject to sheer criticism over the past few seasons. However, his teammate, Anthony Rizzo, has come to his rescue.

Anthony Rizzo Backs Aaron Hicks To Make A Comeback

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks had a poor run last season. After a terrible first half, the center fielder had to sit out for the second half due to an elbow injury. However, this season, Hicks is all healthy and reported for spring training. Moreover, Aaron is competing for the left field position as the spot is empty post Andrew Benintendi’s departure. So far, the Yanks’ front office has failed in their attempts to acquire a fresh face during the off-season. They might strike a deal before opening day. However, nothing’s confirmed for now.

Meanwhile, Yankee’s star baseman Anthony Rizzo was asked to comment on Aaron Hicks’ situation. Rizzo said it’s not a good feeling when a player goes through such intense scrutiny, and it’s upon the bullpen to make Hicks feel safe and secure. Further, he added that one thing Hicks needs to do is ignore it as it is the best sort of resort, no matter how difficult it is. Anthony also showed faith in Hicks and said what’s done is done, and 2023 is a whole brand new season for Hicks to prove himself. Rizzo advised Hicks to move on from past failures and start fresh this season.

Yankees’ Never-Ending Hate Story With Left Field

Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone-Yankees

New York Yankees’ relationship with left field woes is no less than a horror story. All along the off-season, the front office tried to acquire one but failed in every attempt. After luxury tax regulations were enacted, the Yanks lost their economic power to buy out an outfielder from the free agent market. Furthermore, a trade request was turned down by Pittsburgh Pirates due to ridiculously high barter demand.

Hence, the Yanks are stranded with a giant hole in the left. They have limited options within the bullpen and are now desperate to experiment. Latest reports suggest the Yanks manager, Aaron Boone, might field Aaron Judge to the left. Judge, a traditional right-field outfielder, was forced to pick up center field due to intense injury concerns. Looks like this year, he might have to take up a position he never did before in his MLB career.