Nester Cortes-Aaron Judge

Uzma Fatima

Nester Cortes Glad To Have Captain Aaron Judge Back In The Yankees Roster! Check Out His Reaction

Aaron Judge Earned It,” said Nester Cortes about Aaron Judge being the captain of the Yankees.

The MVP of the 2022 MLB season, the 62-home runner, the slugger that broke the record of Roger Maris, the player who finally became worthy of taking Derek Jeter’s place in the Yankees, Aaron Judge is arguably the most loved player of baseball. He is the man with no haters. 2022 was the last year of his contract with the New York Yankees. Just when he became a free agent, tempted by his 62 record-breaking home runs, all the other teams went insane in throwing offers to him. Yankees’ $213.6 million offer was dull in front of the San Francisco Giants’ eyebrow-raising dollars. And when the Sand Diego Padres stepped into the battle for claiming Aaron Judge in the team, both the Yankees and the Giants lost hope.


After reaching the end of the struggles when the Yankees finally saw the championship trophy shine, the time for the ace player was over. At any cost, they had to bring Judge back, manager Brian Cashman and the president of the team, Hal Steinbrenner’s anxiety was high. And not only the managers but also the players, including Nestor Cortes, were getting sad to see the slugger departing from New York. One of the reasons why Aaron Judge is loved so much is that he does not play with teammates; he plays with brothers. Nestor’s thought on Judge is indeed beautiful and worth watching for fans. Keep reading to know the further.


Nestor Cortes Congratulated Aaron Judge On a Phone Call To Express How Happy He Is With His Return

The Yankees’ negotiation in the extended deal was not at all working in front of Judge’s dream deal that the Giants were ready to offer. Plus, the fact that Cashman revealed the numbers involved in the contract that Judge rejected raised anger in him. In Time magazine, the 30-year-old player showed how upset he is with the Yankees manager. He claimed that Brian was playing tactics that would harm the image of Aaron Judge in front of fans.

This made the Yankees believe Aaron Judge is definitely not coming back, but he did. For the legacy he maintained with the Bronx Bombers, for the memories he created with the team, for the love he shared with the Yankees, Aaron Judge came back to the Yankees and resigned from the new 9-year deal of $360 million.

One of the people who were the happiest listening to the news was Nestor Cortes. Recently in a video shared by the SNY Yankees, we can see how much respect and love Cortes shares with the new captain of the Yankees. “He has treated me like a brother in the last two years,” claimed Nestor.

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He further explained the scenario of when he was informed about Judge being the captain of the team. Cortes said, “I did not text him. I called him [regular call] and said hey, congratulations man, I am so happy you are back.” when the reporters asked him to reflect thoughts on how Aaron Judge is becoming the captain after eight years, Nestor said, “I think he earned that. And he represents the Yankees the right way in every aspect.”