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LA Lakers are in a tough spot at the moment. The 17-time championship winners are currently placed at the 13th position on the Western Conference points table. Moreover, the team registered more losses as their scoreline stands at 25-29. As the all-star break approached, the purple and gold are looking to grab as many points as possible.

LeBron James, soon to be the leading point scorer in the history of the NBA, sat down for a short interview with ESPN Sports network. The forward addressed a lot of pressing issues related to the Lakers. Despite being the team\’s leading point scorer, LeBron faced consecutive defeats due to a lack of team effort. However, the forward listed out the one aspect of the game that can help the team win a championship title in the later stretch of the tournament.


LeBron James Optimistic About Lakers\’ Making It Into The Finals, But There\’s A Catch


LeBron James recently turned 38 and marked his 20th year in the NBA league. Moreover, the veteran forward is now just 35 points away from surpassing Kareem Abdul Jabbar\’s record of being the leading point scorer in the league\’s history. However, keeping the personal milestones aside, LeBron is more worried about the team\’s situation. As the Lakers struggle to make it to the playoffs, King James believes the purple and gold have a shot of this one aspect going in their favor.

The Los Angeles Lakers struggled majorly due to frequent injury concerns. Anthony Davis injured his foot which led to a five-week-long absence. On top of that, Lonnie Walker IV and Austin Reaves are sitting on the bench post-new year. Meanwhile, LeBron James firmly believes if the Lakers stay injury free and get enough games under control, the team has a good chance of making it to the NBA finals and eventually claiming the title. James emphasized having a positive momentum towards the last leg of the season which will indeed make or break the tournament for the Lakers.

LeBron Dejected After Lakers Loses Out Kyrie Irving

LeBron James-Kyrie Irving

When Kyrie Irving issued an ultimatum to the Brooklyn Nets for a trade, the LA Lakers rejoiced, especially LeBron James. King James reportedly wanted to reunite with his former Cleveland teammate. However, the Nets disapproved the offer as it did not include either Austin Reaves or Max Christie. On top of that, the Nets\’ owner apparently did not want to fulfill Kyrie\’s wish to land at the Lakers. Hence, the deal fell apart, and Irving moved to Dallas Mavericks.

Speaking on the foiled trade attempt, LeBron James said he is deeply disappointed in losing out on such a fantastic talent. Moreover, LeBron feels he shares good chemistry with Irving on the court, which could have helped the Lakers win more games. However, the veteran says he has shifted his focus and moved on. Further, James will make the most of the current locker room and try to turn the season around.

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