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Lewis Hamilton Leaving Mercedes For Good? Contract Talks With The Silver Arrows Aren’t Finalized Yet

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been an absolute champion and, with the Silver Arrows, ruled the F1 grid since the beginning of the turbo-hybrid era. After the great Niki Lauda brought him to Mercedes in 2013 from McLaren, things started changing for the better for the whole group. From 2014 to 2020, Mercedes had absolute hegemony on the driver’s and constructor’s titles.

Other than Nico Rosberg in 2016, it was all Lewis Hamilton who won the titles for Mercedes. Undoubtedly, this partnership between the driver and the team is really very special. It was in 2021 when the Brackley-based team lost the world championship to the Milton Keynes team. It has been a decade-long partnership between Hamilton and Mercedes.


Will Lewis Hamilton Leave Mercedes After The 2023 Season?

Lewis Hamilton- Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton- Toto Wolff (Mercedes)

Fans would be hoping to see this partnership go longer. But the last contract signed between the racer and the team had been a couple of years ago. According to that contract, the association ends after this year. But both Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff suggested they want to continue this partnership. This speculation on their continuation together has been going on for a long time. But no formal action has been taken as of yet.

Toto Wolff suggested that they are not too worried about this contract extension and they will take care of it by the end of the season. At the launch of the W14 car, Lewis Hamilton looked very excited to get on the race track. After what happened last season due to the poor condition of the W13 car, the whole team is hoping to have a great season with the brand-new car. If the vehicle is good enough, then it will be very hard to stop Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, even for the current double-time champion, Max Verstappen of Red Bull.

Jenson Button On His Former McLaren Teammate

Lewis Hamilton In W14 car

Hamilton’s former McLaren teammate, Jenson Button, feels that with a good car, it will be tough to beat Lewis. Button says, “I know Russell is an excellent driver. And has the potential to give both Hamilton and Verstappen tough competition. But irrespective of what happened last year, Mercedes needs to give the drivers a championship-winning car. Then Hamilton will go full throttle to retain the title which was once his.” At 38, it is easy to lose patience and just call it quits. But Lewis Hamilton needs to get a promising car. Then he will give the last ounce of his energy to win the coveted eighth title.

Lewis Hamilton has proved countless times that he is a fighter throughout his life. That’s how he established himself to be arguably the GOAT of Formula One Motorsport. However, Jenson Button says that the deal-breaker can be the condition of the car. If the team is not able to provide a car that’s fast and robust. Then the driver may not like to carry so much pressure all over the year. Jansen says that was the reason why he left F1. According to Jenson, “If the 2022 situation happens again with the new car. Then the seven-time champ may have to think twice about continuing or look for another team.”