Drive To Survive

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Toto Wolff & Max Verstappen Come Together To Reveal Netflix’s Drive To Survive’s True Intention

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff had previously expressed discomfort with joining the popular Netflix docu-drama series, Drive to Survive. As a result, Mercedes did not join the series in the first season. Neither did Ferrari for the same reason. Both teams were not sure whether the cameras would cause distraction and be a risk showcasing the inner workings of the units. Despite the top two powerhouses of the F1 grid not participating, the first season of the Netflix series was a big hit. The show was first released in 2019, and the first season covered the insights of the 2018 season.

Meanwhile, in 2023, DTS is gearing up to release its Season 5. The show is credited with popularizing the sport in the United States of America. Before the Netflix show came onto the market, NASCAR and other car races were more popular in the U.S. Albeit Formula One has always been the pinnacle of racing, let alone motorsport. But now, with the popularity of the show, there are more aspiring racers in the U.S. who are eager to join Formula One, too, other than NASCAR. Also, there is a rumor that Netflix show DTS was influential for Ford’s renewed interest in joining the sport after a long time.

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Brad Pitt And Lewis Hamilton

In the age of OTT platforms, the Netflix show has inspired the film industry in a big way. Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt is also working with Lewis Hamilton on his next film. If this film centers around the F1 motorsport, then it will be Brad Pitt’s second sports drama after Moneyball.

Well, it can be true that Drive to Survive has been instrumental in gaining the interest of Hollywood. As there are many positives of the impact of the show, there is a dark side as well. Recently, the Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, claimed that the show cooks up stories that never happened in real life.

Rivals Team Up Against Drive To Survive

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Along with Wolff, the current double-time champion, Max Verstappen of Red Bull, had apprehensions too to take part in the series. The Dutchman did not give any interviews in the previous seasons and totally avoided them. The reason is that Max believed Drive to Survive projects unrealistic events like rivalries that are not there and so on. Perhaps they do this only for entertainment purposes. Verstappen and Wolff teamed up to express what is wrong with the show.

Toto Wolff mentioned, “It looks scary because of the different narratives they use on us. However, it is a new age and a new way of creating entertainment.” Max Verstappen also admitted the same by claiming, “I don’t like these kinds of dramas. Instead, I prefer more realistic content.” However, Max Verstappen revealed he allowed DTS to take his interview for the upcoming season. In the fifth season, they will showcase the 2022 season. Max Verstappen showed interest in the upcoming season because he wants the world to know how much sacrifices the team and the drivers have to make to dominate the grid, like he did last season.