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Both Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen Out Of The Title Race? 2023 F1 Result Predicted By A Supercomputer Will Shock You!

The fans and the whole F1 community are eagerly waiting for an epic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Mercedes was dominating the Formula One grid with Hamilton steering the car. However, until the Dutchman showed up for Red Bull and snatched away the hegemony in 2021. Again, Verstappen showed his utter superiority over the other racers as he went on to win the last season with 15 race wins. It is more than half of the total races available every season.

Max Verstappen is clearly the racer every driver of every team will be dying to beat in the upcoming season. But the fans of the Silver Arrows will hope that the seven-time champ makes a grand comeback in the forthcoming season. It will kick off at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 5, 2023.


The last season saw Hamilton getting out of the title contention due to the poor quality of the W13 car. Lewis Hamilton fell down to the 6th position last season. But after the unveiling of the W14 car on February 15, it looks like the engineers have fixed the porpoising issues. Also, the team solved the problems with the weight due to the side pods and worked on the horsepower. Team Principal Toto Wolff along with the drivers, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and Mick Schumacher, expressed their delight after seeing the new car. The team, along with the fans, are hopeful that the Silver Arrows will get the Formula One World driver’s championship back home. It has been a couple of seasons since it went to the rival’s home.

At What Spot Will Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen End Up In The 2023 Season?

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen

Fans and media experts are making all sorts of predictions about what is going to happen in 2023 on social media. Recently a Supercomputer has made a prediction regarding the results of the 2023 season that has caught significant media attention. BonusCodeBets, a betting website, uses a supercomputer that predicts a fierce encounter between Hamilton and Verstappen. Albeit, the Dutchman will come out victorious. According to the Supercomputer predictions, with 5/4 betting odds, the current champion will retain the title. On the other hand, the seven-time champ will finish second with 10/3 betting odds after a tough fight. 

Where Are The Other Drivers Placed At The Supercomputer Prediction Table?

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Supercomputer F1 2023 Prediction

In another exciting battle the, last year’s runners-up, Charles Leclerc, will have to fight against George Russell of Mercedes for third place. But the supercomputer suggests Russell may fall to the fourth spot. Russell with 7/1 betting odds against Leclerc at 7/2. Leclerc will win third place. Leclerc’s Ferrari teammate, Carlos Sainz, may come on top of Sergio Perez, winning the 5th place.

Other than the powerhouses – Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari, McLaren may do the best among the rest of the teams. For McLaren, Lando Norris will win the 7th place according to the supercomputer. Meanwhile, the supercomputer suggests that Mercedes will retain the constructor’s title with 11/8 this year. After they lost it to Red Bull last season. Ferrari may not come very close to winning the constructor’s championship with 11/2 betting odds.