LeBron James-Kyrie Irving
LeBron James-Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets star point guard, shook the NBA world when he issued an abrupt ultimatum to the Nets for a trade ahead of the February 9 deadline. Irving imposed a stern warning to the Nets to find a trade, or else he will move to free agency at the end of the season. On the other hand, the Nets were caught off guard and had no option but to cave into Irving’s request.

Meanwhile, rivals rejoiced and started drawing up a trade offer for the Brooklyn Nets. Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks emerged as the front runners. Moreover, reports came in Kyrie Irving wants to land at the Lakers to reunite with his former teammate, LeBron James. Moreover, as time progressed, the Lakers-Nets trade looked almost confirmed. However, earlier today, rumors floated the Nets are shipping the point guard to Dallas Mavericks.


LeBron James Unhappy Over Foiled Trade Attempt To Bring In Kyrie Irving

LeBron James

Kyrie Irving’s Dallas Mavericks move has shocked the Lakers. While the Lakers remained confident of the trade, the Nets’ resilience caused a major roadblock. The Lakers apparently offered Russell Westbrook and an additional first-round pick in a package deal. However, Brooklyn Nets wanted one of Austin Reaves and Max Christie. As reported earlier, the purple and gold maintained the stance of not wanting to offer either Austin or Max right from the beginning. Hence, the Nets chose to go ahead with the Mavericks.

Meanwhile, the news of a failed deal negotiations was not well received by the Lakers’ star forward, LeBron James. According to a few inside reports, James desperately wanted to reunite with Kyrie and wanted him on board. However, the latest speculations have left the forward hurt. King James used his social media platform to express his disappointment. James posted a cryptic tweet that read, ” Maybe It’s Me.” Even though LeBron James did not provide any context, the fans interpreted the tweet is indeed targeted toward Kyrie Irving.

The Lakers Had Their Reservations Regarding Kyrie Irving

Lakers front office
Lakers front office

Despite strong trade rumors, LA Lakers apparently had their concerns regarding Kyrie Irving while handing out the trade offer to the Brooklyn Nets. The purple and gold were concerned about Irving’s health and availability. FYI, in the last four seasons, the point guard featured in just 143 games. The absence was a result of frequent injuries and off-court controversies. On top of that, Irving demanded $200 million for a four-year contract which the Lakers considered unreasonable.

Furthermore, the Nets demanded either of the Lakers’ top young prospects, Austin Reaves and Max Christie, which was non-negotiable for the purple and gold. Still, the club tried to put up a lucrative offer to acquire Irving as both Irving, and LeBron James wanted the point guard to don the Lakers jersey. Hence, the deal fell apart, and Kyrie Irving is all set to join Dallas Mavericks for the rest of the season.

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