LeBron James & Davis

Unfortunately, Anthony Davis missed a major part of the 2021-22 season for the Lakers, which led to an embarrassing regular season record of 33-49. The Lakers finished 11th and were eliminated even before the start of the postseason. Davis only played forty games for the franchise last season and struggled to stay healthy to play consistently. He was sidelined on numerous occasions due to knee, ankle, and foot injuries. In an injury-riddled season, the right-time NBA All-Star averaged 23.2 points per game with 9.9 rebounds. The 2021-22 season was the first time the big man failed to make it to the All-Star team since his rookie year in 2013.

The Lakers have tired a new head coach in Darvin Ham as they aim to win their second championship with LeBron James. Anthony Davis was crucial alongside James in leading the Lakers to the 2022 championship victory. Thus, the team will expect Davis to return healthy next season and perform consistently. Recently, LeBron James shared a post on Instagram in support of Davis after he revealed in a viral video that he had not picked up a basketball in two months.

Davis & LeBron

In a viral clip, Anthony was seen hanging out with the members of a gaming YouTube channel Nuke Squad. Davis said that he had not shot a basketball since April 5, 2022. Previously, the three-time NBA block leader shared his typical after-season routine. The process involves ten weeks of rest, followed by six weeks of basketball before heading into the spring training camp. Some fans did not take Anthony\’s comments in the right spirit as they thought he was not serious after a disappointing season. But Lebron James was quick to come out in support of his teammate and said that he could not wait for the big man to be unleashed next season. 

LeBron James Supports Davis On Instagram

The Lakers legend shared a video on his Instagram account in support of his buddy Anthony Davis. The video included snippets of Anthony\’s time with the Lakers, featuring his best monster dunks, step-back jumpers, massive blocks, and the clip from the 2020 NBA finals. James wrote, \”Get It Twisted if you want to! In due time he\’ll remind you once again why he\’s HIM!! And I cant\’ wait for it to be unleashed!\”

The Lakers\’ new head coach Darvin Ham also believes strongly in Davis and expects consistency out of the center. Darvin said that Anthony\’s skill set, versatility, defensive acumen, and relentlessness are impressive. Ham added, \”His ability to give multiple efforts defensively is the key.\”

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