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LeBron James & Anthony Davis: The Lakers’ Power Duo About To Break Up Soon! Trade Talks In Air

The Los Angeles Lakers fans saw a close-knit brotherhood in the form of the Late Kobe Bryant & Pau Gasol. The affection was more than visible at Gasol’s recent jersey retirement ceremony when Bryant’s wife Vanessa unveiled a surprise message from Kobe for Gasol. Not surprisingly, fans expect the same sort of feeling between the current lakers, LeBron James & Anthony Davis.

The duo has been playing together as one soul since AD got traded to the Lakers in 2019. Together, they even lifted an NBA Champions title in 2020. However, this year is coming out not so strong for them as a team. Both of them cannot play together because till one recovers from injury, the other falls into one and vice versa. This might not affect their relationship personally or as players. However, recent reports claim that King James’ and AD are separating more and more. But why is that happening? Keep reading to find out.


“LeBron James & Anthony Davis Are Not Boys Anymore”

For the last few years, LeBron James has been on a streak to make or break the mega NBA records. That is why it did not come as a big surprise when he broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar‘s record for being the all-time NBA scorer. The entire world was waiting for the Lakers’ ace to drop the number from the board to create a new one for the future generation. When the same happened, everybody cherished and enjoyed the moment. But not Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis with Lakers squad
Anthony Davis with the Lakers squad

Strangely, it was reported that AD was not that happy about LeBron’s big moment. And probably, that is one of the reasons why the legendary duo has started to drift apart. Recently, NBA Analyst Colin Cowherd has come forward to back up some interesting information on the same matter. According to insider info given to him, LeBron James and A.D., after that reaction to LeBron breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record — they’re not boys. Although Colin confirmed that the situation is not that hostile, he can indeed say by their body language that they are not “The Guys” anymore.

Will Anthony Davis Leave The Los Angeles Lakers?

Not only that, but the recent speculations also suggest that the Anthony Davis trade talks are also back. Apparently, AD is doing really well for the Lakers’ team in LeBron James’ absence. He is clearly leading the squad from the front and providing good results. And the surge in his performance has also enhanced his chances to join other NBA teams in the future.

Recently, Colin Cowherd himself mentioned something similar in his tweet. In his mind, Cowherd believes that LA intends to part ways with AD come the offseason. Don’t get confused, fans. We know that Anthony Davis is still under contract with the Lakers through 2025. However, the Brow also has a player option on his deal for the 2024-25 season. And the chances are that he could use that option and become an unrestricted free agent after next season.
But will the eight-time All-Star opt out of one of the most prestigious NBA squads and the likes of LeBron James? Only time will tell.