LeBron James has broken and made many records in his illustrious career spanning twenty seasons. Besides scoring many points every game, he is also great at assists. James has said several times that he wants to be a triple threat no matter who the opponent is. So in every game, King James becomes a threat to any opponent as a scorer, assist, and expert in taking the rebounds.

Let\’s not forget that James also stands in the fourth position of the top Assists of all time list. But all said and done, the most significant wait for the record that King James is about to break is the one that belonged to the one and only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for a long time.


 The Countdown Begins

At 38, James is proving time after time that, for him, even the sky is not the limit. Mathematically speaking, the game on February 7 against the OKC Thunder might have the moment of truth, but if it does not happen on the 7th, then on the 9th against the Bucks, LeBron James should become the top scorer of all time.

LeBron James

There is no doubt that the Crypto.com arena would be housefull on both occasions to see James break the record. Demand for the tickets is high for both matches, and so is the price. It is absolutely outrageous for the average fan. But if the passions are skyrocketing too, then the price won\’t be able to stop any fan. 

Ticket Price for the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on February 7: Lowest and Average prices are $326 and $1,152, respectively. There has been a 390% increase since the opener of the season. Ticket Price for the game against the Milwaukee Bucks on February 9: Lowest and Average prices are $357 and $1,302, respectively.

LeBron James

There has been a 175% increase since the opener of the season. However, if LeBron James does not make it after the Bucks game, then the possibility will be the next game against the Golden State Warriors. Albeit, in San Francisco, the average ticket price is $850. It will undoubtedly increase if there is a possibility of the record being made. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has held the all-time top scorer record since 1984 with 38,387 points. The question is not if LeBron James can break the record but how soon he can break the record. King James in the year 2023 is currently closing in with only 89 points behind. Fans and experts are eagerly waiting for the world record moment.        

What Is LeBron James Concerned About Mostly?

LeBron James

But again, LeBron James has expressed his feelings, saying, \”Motivation is winning the championship with the team. Personal records will come along the way.\” So becoming the top scorer is just a matter of time, but can James help the Lakers win another title in the future is the question? The way the current season is going on does not look very promising for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers fans can only hope that the team will bounce back with the experience of James and Davis, plus the roster full of talented youth.

 Discussion and calculation as to when LeBron James would go beyond Kareem\’s all-time top scorer had been all over the news for a long time. Fans and experts have started this particular discussion even before the start of the current season. But the interest to know when took an exciting turn after King James turned 38.

After his 38th birthday, James has been unstoppable. James single-handedly carried the team on his shoulder, especially during the absence of Anthony Davis. LeBron James missed many games in the previous season. When Anthony Davis played the role precisely that James is playing in the current season. Albeit, the Lakers are not having an excellent season for a consecutive second season. However, there is no stopping the King.       

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