Drive To Survive

Drive to survive is a very popular docudrama series on the Netflix OTT platform. This show is credited with helping Formula One Motorsport reach a massive fan following all over the world, especially in the United States of America. Formula One has always been the pinnacle of racing sports, but somehow, it did not have a significant impact on America. NASCAR has always been the most popular racing event in America. But after this Netflix hit show gained popularity, followers increased a lot in the USA. Due to this overwhelming response to the show in the ongoing season, there are GPs set in America.

The number of races has increased in a calendar year, all thanks to Drive To Survive. But the problem with the show is the lack of diversity. That is primarily due to the game of Formula One itself. There are no laws that forbid women from participating in Formula One. But still, there is an undeniable void of female drivers on the grid. As a result of the show, it is not possible to promote the idea of women participating in these races. Moreover, female journalists get much less screen time than males on Netflix show. Such was the case when F1 journalist Will Buxton got more time on screen than his counterpart Jennie Gow.


Drive To Survive Needs To Encourage Gender Equality

Jennie Gow Drive to survive
Jennie Gow Image Credit – OK! Magazine

The issue has now caught the attention of a lot of people, which is why several people are accusing the show of encouraging sexism. Not just a lack of women drivers, but Formula One also suffers from a lack of colored drivers. Lewis Hamilton, the most accomplished racer of all time, is the only black driver on the grid. Hamilton has always been outspoken about the lack of diversity in motorsport. The seven-time champion has also encouraged women into racing. But the problem is not many teams or agents show immense interest in representing a woman driver. Due to this lack of interest, female drivers don’t get the chance to race as one of the main drivers of a team. The maximum opportunity a woman driver got until today was as a reserve driver.

Susie Wolff Drive to survive
Susie Wolff Image Credit – Eurosport

Mercedes’ boss, Toto Wolff’s wife, Susie Wolff, has been a racing driver for the Williams team. But she only got the opportunity to be a reserve driver. Even when she was more deserving than Felippe Massa. Today, Wolff is the managing director of F1 Academy. She has a lot of hope to bring change to the world of Formula One. Susie Wolff hopes that a lot of young aspiring female drivers will join the academy. They will learn and hopefully get the chance they deserve through the academy. When women need representation and encouragement to join the Formula One sport, the show, Drive To Survive is not really helping. The content creators of the show should come up with ideas to encourage women to be part of Formula One someday as main drivers.