The Los Angeles Lakers are in a spot of bother with so much uncertainty and dilemma in the franchise currently. The end of a disappointing season has left the team with a lot to change and think about. After the team\’s early exit before the playoffs, the Lakers front office fired their 2020 championship-winning coach Frank Vogel. Moreover, there have been many rumors about the roster changes, including the exit of LeBron James from the Lakers.

Recently, Magic Johnson shared his opinion about the trade speculations and the head coach situation with the Lakers. The five-time NBA champion was walking down Hollywood Boulevard when TMZ interviewed him. Magic played the biggest role in bringing LeBron James to the Lakers. The three-time MVP approached James in free agency and made a pitch to join the Lakers. Eventually, LeBron came to LA and led them to their 17th NBA championship in 2020.


However, there have been doubts about LeBron continuing with the Lakers for the next season. His contract ends in 2022-23. And there have been rumors that LA might take a radical approach and help themselves out of the financial jam by trading LeBron James. When asked if Los Angeles should trade the King, the 62-year-old hoped that LeBron would stay with the Lakers for a long time.

Johnson Talks About The Head Coach Situation

Magic Johnson coached the Lakers in 1994. He has been a part of the LA front office since he was draft-picked by the franchise in 1979. He had a record of 5-11 as the Lakers coach. Magic was given the reigns for a few games during the end of the 1993-94 season. Earlier, Johnson also stepped down as the president of basketball operations without any notice after the Lakers performed miserably. However, the owner Jeanie Buss has relied on Johnson\’s advice time and again, even when he has not been in any official role with the Lakers. 

Moreover, Magic was asked if he was interested in coaching the Lakers next season. The Lakers legend told that coaching was not for him. And he did not seem interested in taking the job. Johnson acknowledged that the Lakers have a coaching problem. However, he had no idea who could be the franchise\’s next head coach. Further, Magic is not the only former Laker involved in the decision-making process for the team. The LA front office has also asked for Phil Johnson\’s expertise to help the franchise find a new head coach. Johnson was asked if the Lakers should bring Phil Jackson as the head coach.


 The 12-time NBA All-Star responded that he did not think Phil would coach again. Johnson revealed that Phil would help the franchise look for a coach. Further, Magic revealed that the decision-making would be done in the presence of Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, and Kurt Rambis, along with Phil Jackson. While the Lakers legend did not spill a lot, he told that the lakers are struggling and will keep looking for a good coach who could help them win a championship with LeBron James on their side.

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