Lakers Rumors: Is LeBron James Considering A Return To The Cleveland Cavaliers In 2023?

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James is rumored to be considering his future with the Los Angeles Lakers after the 2022-23 season. The four-time NBA champ is in the final year of his contract and has not yet agreed on an extension deal. With the Lakers struggling to get close to the championship in the last two seasons, some NBA Insiders discussed the possibility of James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers for his third and probably the final stint. Thus, LA will need to keep a close eye on the Cavs\’ offseason decisions. The franchise could look to make some space on their roster to acquire LeBron James next season.

On Monday, Chris Broussard shared his opinion on the rumors about James considering a return to his hometown. The NBA Insider shared that the decision will depend on LeBron\’s thoughts about a potential team change. Chris added that it would not crush the 18-time All-Star to go back to the Cavs as it is his hometown. However, Broussard mentioned a few reasons why James should not go ahead with the move.

Irving, Love & James At Cavs

Should LeBron Return To The Cavs?

Chris pointed out that LeBron\’s return to Cleveland would not be the same as his first stint in 2003. The ESPN expert stated that the Cavs team would be really good with talented youngsters around. However, the NBA expert added that even when LeBron went to Cleveland for the second time, it was not the same even when he won the championship in 2016. Chris stated that during the second run, it felt like innocence was lost. As per him, the fans felt like the home kid was back, and he gave them a championship. Broussard added, \”But there was a feeling in that arena that we understand now. It\’s business.\”

Chris continued that it was all love for the hometown hero during his first stint. The fans felt that James would lead the Cavs to the championship and make the franchise a dynasty. However, the feeling was gone when he returned for a second run in 2014. James led the team to five NBA final appearances and a championship title in 2016. However, Chris feels the intensity would be even less as some fans want to see the younger kids develop instead of making it all about LeBron anymore. Further, Broussard disagreed and said, \”It\’s about winning championships, so I would want LeBron back.\”

At the same time, the NBA expert also believes that LeBron should stay back in LA. Chris mentioned that Anthony Davis is 29 years old. The Lakers may not have much flexibility this offseason. But they will have options around James & AD next year because Davis is the only money left on the books. Chris added, \”So that\’s why I think he should stay in LA and not go back to Cleveland.\”

Meanwhile, Kevin Wildes said he would love LeBron to return to Cleveland. The NBA expert told that a return to the team that made James the best player would be a fairytale. But, Wildes also stated that the rumors could also indicate that the King\’s relationship with the Lakers is more fractured than everyone would have thought.

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