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Lakers\’ LeBron James Crosses Karl Malone To Become The Second All-Time Leading Scorer In A Loss Against Washington!

On Sunday, the Lakers had to take yet another loss against the Washington Wizards. As the Lakers find it hard to win consistently this year, LeBron James has achieved another milestone in his pro basketball career yet. James has surpassed Karl Malone to become the second all-time leading scorer in the history of the NBA. Only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is ahead of Lebron at 38,387 points. 

James carried the lakers single-handedly during a loss of 127-119 against the Wizard, scoring 38 points, ten rebounds, and six assists during his 37 minutes on the court. Players like Westbrook, Monk, Carmelo, and Johnson tried their best to help James push for a win. However, they fell a little short at the end of the second half. The Lakers\’ defense was not enough to stop the Wizards from overturning a 16-point deficit and winning their first game after six losses. 


James Overtakes Karl Malone During The Second Quarter:

LeBron started the game with six points before he hit a dunk and three three-pointers that leveled Malon and James\’ tally at 36,928. It looks like James was pushing from the beginning towards a win. After the lay-up, James came strong during the second quarter and broke Malone\’s record. He achieved yet another milestone after reaching 10,000 points, rebounds, and assists last Monday.

Karl Malone

LeBron James Shares Thoughts On His Achievement:

During his post-match interview, LeBron said that he would look back at this moment at some point f his life. However, it was hard for him to separate the feeling of losing a game while setting up a new record.

James was asked if he could break Abul- Jabbar\’s record. After his 38 points against the Wizards, LeBron now stands at 36,947 career points. And Jabbar is ahead of him by 1,440 points. It sure looks like a safe bet to say that James will get there. As per him, I will not allow myself to think about it.\” 

LeBron James

James said that he has always tried to play the game as he has been playing over the years. It comes naturally to him, and his process is to just go out and play the game in the right way. Moreover, James added, \”I hope to accomplish that at some point in my career.\” However, he would not like to think about it too much. 

While the Lakers have not won back-to-back games after their four consecutive wins between December 31 and January 7, James is having one of the greatest seasons of his career at the age of 37. Hopefully, the Lakers and NBA fans will see him play for a few more seasons and become one of the greatest stars to have played the game.

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