Lakers Conspiracy: Is Team Management Keeping LeBron James Out Of The Loosing Games? Kenny Beecham Reveals


Conspiracies in the biggest basketball league in the world are like soup for the world of NBA fans. Some of the unforgettable conspiracies in the NBA have been the 1985 Draft\’s frozen envelope and the reason behind Micheal Jordan retiring for the first time. Recently, Basketball YouTuber Kenny Beecham has pointed out that another thrilling conspiracy might be brewing between the Lakers and LeBron James during the 2021-22 season. He recently shared a video on Twitter suggesting that the Los Angeles Lakers might be shielding LeBron James from criticism due to a plethora of losses during a horrific season.

The Lakers recently lost another crucial match on Sunday against the Pelicans. Even after James scored 39 points in the game, the Lakers lost the game with a scoreline of 116-108. James is having one of the best seasons of his career and has the highest average of 30 points per game this season. However, the lakers have failed to consistently turn the games in their favor with James on his A-game.

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Lakers Not using LeBron\’s Image In Losing Graphics:

Amongst all the chaos, Beecham pointed out that the Lakers have been allegedly shielding LeBron James from criticism after losses. The lakers have never used James\’ photo during their nightly game results graphics every time the Lakers faced a loss. Beecham confirmed the claim to be true as Lakers stars like Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrooks have not been featured in the losing graphics either.

Further, players like Malik Monk, Talen Horton-Tucker, and Wayne Ellington\’s pictures have been used when the Lakers lost. Malik has been featured ten times while Tucker and Ellington have appeared five times. Beecham explained how LeBron\’s picture was not used even once while malik saw seen ten times out of 43 losses.

Elsewhere, Lebron\’s picture has been quite commonly used ten times out of 31 victory graphics. Westbrook has been seen nine times while Anthony Davis\’ picture had been used once due to his absence from the court. Recently, Wenyen Gabriels Image was used by the Lakers on Monday in the losing graphic against the pelicans. The Lakers blew a 23-point lead and handing over the Pelicans an easy victory in an extremely crucial game. Moreover, Lebron James turned his ankle and his appearance on Tuesday against the Dallas Mavericks is unsure.

Can The Lakers Make It To The Play-ins?

The Lakers have really struggled this season with injury concerns and underperforming players. The only thing that was going in the team\’s favor was James scoring 30+ points per game. The Lakers slipped to the tenth position with 31wins and 43 losses after another loss against the Pelicans. Hence, with eight games left, the Lakers will really have to turn the game around and make sure they do not lose any more games.

With LeBron James\’ ankle injury concern currently, the lakers look in a worse situation as of now. And hence, they will need James on their team if they want to make it to the play-ins. The Pelicans are in the ninth position in the Western Conference with a half-win ahead of the Lakers. Meanwhile, the Spurs are trailing them by a single win. Thus, the lakers cannot afford to lose any games if they wanna stay alive in the play-ins race.

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