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LeBron James is entering the final year of his contract with the lakers. The 37-year-old has played 19 seasons and is set to add one more under his name during the 2022-23 season. The four-time NBA champ won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020. Since then, the lakers have not been able to come closer to a title in the last two seasons. However, LeBron is at the dusk of his career, leaving the NBA fraternity wondering where the 18-time All-Star will end his career. And NBA analyst Jalen Rose thinks it would be best for James to finish his career with the Lakers. Moreover, LA would be hoping that they can make a strong contention for the NBA title during LeBron\’s final year with the franchise. 

Further, James has spoken on several occasions that he would like to play with his son Bronny in the NBA. Therefore, the King is willing to keep money aside and join a team that would pick his son. Recently, Davis Jacoby asked Rose on \’Jalen & Jacoby\’ if the outcome of the upcoming season will determine James\’ future with the Lakers. Rose believes that it would be better for LeBron James\’ legacy if he stays with the Lakers regardless of how they perform next season.


Why Should LeBron James End His NBA Career With The Lakers?

Jalen said that where LeBron James ends up apart from playing with his son, Bronny would be a terrific opportunity that no team would want to turn down. However, Rose thought that it was best for his legacy and for James to ride it out good, bad, or indifferent with the Lakers.

Further, Rose opposed that James should join a team that could be a champion contender. However, Jalen said that LeBron should play for a team where he feels like they have got him. A franchise where LeBron believes that people want to play with him and his team. 


Meanwhile, Rose felt that James should believe that he could figure out a way to get to the playoffs. And once they get to the playoffs and AD is healthy, LeBron would feel like his team has got two of the best players on the floor in any series. Rose told that the Lakers superstar should go into the season with a similar mindset. He added, \”That\’s gonna be his attitude cause LeBron was killing last year.\”

Can LeBron Become The Highest Scorer In NBA During His 20th Season?

LeBron James averaged 30.3 points per game during the 2021-22 season. He overtook Karl Malone to become the second highest score in league history after Kareem Abul Jabbar. James is trailing the former Lakers legend by 1,325 points, which is possible to be achieved in one season. Thus, given his form last season, where James came close to winning the scoring title, the 37-year-old could also become the oldest player in NBA history to win the scoring title.


In addition, James looks to be in perfect physical shape. And there is no doubt he could easily continue playing until he is forty. Therefore, he could end up breaking Vince Carter\’s record of playing 22 seasons before retiring. Also, it would be thrilling for the fans to see how LeBron performs next season.

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