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Lewis Hamilton will be making one of the most iconic and historic driver switch in the history of Formula 1 in 2025 when he replaces Carlos Sainz to become a Ferrari driver alongside home hero Charles Leclerc. The transfer was confirmed earlier this year, thus leading to a massive shake up in F1 community.

That being said, Ferrari has always been a benchmark in motorsports. While their recent form might suggest otherwise, Fred Vasseur is committed to leading Ferrari back to the top. However, Lewis Hamilton has been warned by his former McLaren teammate saying that the Brit would experience a whole new dynamic in Maranello.


Jenson Button Says Ferrari Is Team & Not Driver-Oriented Outfit

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Lewis Hamilton is as excited as ever to commence his last dance with Ferrari from the 2025 season onwards. However, his former teammate and F1 pundit Jenson Button has a word of caution for Hamilton. While talking to Sky Sports, Button said the seven-time world champion will not necessarily have relationship issues with teammate Charles Leclerc as the 26-year-old is a mature driver. While he could make things tough for Lewis if he wanted to since he is the future of Ferrari, Button does not believe that Leclerc would opt for such tactics against the senior driver. Also, Hamilton has been in the sport long enough to understand Charles’ perspective. Hence, even if a fight emerges, it will be a fascinating timeline.

Furthermore, Jenson Button warned Lewis Hamilton that the racing dynamics at Ferrari would be very different and something he had never experienced before. The former champion explained that Ferrari’s goals are team-oriented and not driver-oriented. Every single soul working in Maranello shares the same objective of helping the team win a championship and not helping a driver in particular to achieve individual success. And for Hamilton, who is potentially a figure bigger than the sport, the dynamics would be overwhelming. “It’s a different way of racing, definitely, for someone like Lewis, who is such a star in this sport,” said Button. That storyline of how a massive personality like Lewis Hamilton adjusts and obliges to team orders at Ferrari will be worth a watch, opined Jenson Button.

Ferrari Trigger Mass Exodus From Mercedes After Lewis Hamilton Move

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Turns out, poaching Lewis Hamilton wasn’t Ferrari’s only move of the season. Fred Vasseur has now plans to completely paralyse the rivals with poaching of key engineers. At the time of Hamilton’s move, rumors stated that Ferrari is ready to welcome anyone from Mercedes who wishes to follow Lewis’ path. However, the Silver Arrows played it down citing existence of no poaching clause.

But, in the latest announcement, Ferrari announced the signing of two key former Mercedes personnel. Loic Serra, the head of performance director at Mercedes, will now take over the role of head of chassis performance engineering at Ferrari. In addition, Jerome d’Ambrosio, the potential success of team principal Toto Wolff, has embraced the role of deputy team principal to Fred Vasseur starting from the 2025 season.

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