Max Verstappen, Red Bull
Max Verstappen, Red Bull

Red Bull Racing has taken a massive leap of faith ahead of the 2026 engine regulation overhaul. The drink-based outfit, encouraged by the recent surge, decided to turn engine manufacturers to compete with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, who are automotive giants in F1.

However, Red Bull chose to take the ambitious route with the help of new engine partners, Ford. RB will build their own engine in accordance to 2026 regulation changes with Ford. However, doubts have started to creep into Ford’s leadership due to intense competition from the rivals who have been in the manufacturing business for the longest time.


Ford Says Engine Development With Red Bull Is On The Right Path

Red Bull Wind Tunnel
Red Bull Wind Tunnel Source: PlanetF1

After aero wizard Adrian Newey’s sudden exit, rumors floated on the market that perhaps Red Bull Racing is lagging behind in their ambitious home-grown engine development project, which is happening in partnership with Ford. RB decided to dump its years-long relationship with Honda and will embrace new ties with Ford from the 2026 season. And the main idea behind the new partnership was to build a home-grown engine in compliance with the fresh impending rules. However, amid rumors, Ford’s head of performance in motorsports, Mark Rushbrook, cleared the air, saying the development is right on the path and all the pre-set goals and targets have been met so far.

Furthermore, Mark Rushbrook mentioned that Red Bull and Ford possess every resource they need to be successful in 2026 with a home-grown engine. However, Rusbrook does fear competition. He acknowledged that the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari definitely have an advantage as they have been in the manufacturing business long enough to have the proper team and research program for engine manufacturing. In that regard, RB is at a disadvantage as a first-time manufacturer. But at the same time, a big upside for the Bulls is that the crew’s entire energy and focus is just on 2026, as they are not obliged to improve the current machinery. Hence, things are balanced right now, and Mark Rushbrook feels confident that the new partnership will yield the desired results in the decisive 2026 F1 season.

Mercedes Drivers Calls For Aggressive Restrictions To Stop RB Dominance

George Russell
2023 Brazilian Grand Prix, Friday – Steve Etherington

In a scathing attack, George Russell of Mercedes called for stricter and more aggressive restrictions from FIA to rule out Red Bull’s dominance. Russell feels the cost cap regulations and wind tunnel restrictions are not enough to bring the field closer anytime soon. “Nobody is catching Red Bull either with these things in place,” said Russell while talking to RacingNews365.

The Mercedes driver added that 2026 regulation changes window seem the only realistic goal for rivals to catch up to Red Bull. Until then, teams like Mercedes can only to so much to improve and take baby steps up the grid. “It may not be until 2026 that they have a real challenge for the title,” Russell added. Well for Mercedes, the challenge to catch Red Bull even in 2026 is tough given their present dire state.

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