Max Verstappen, Red Bull
Max Verstappen, Red Bull

Three-time F1 World Champion Max Verstappen has rewritten the history of motorsport like never before. With a 19-win season in 2023, Verstappen established a never-before-seen dominance in the sport. His partnership with Red Bull has achieved serious results in the past couple of seasons.

However, with the engine regulations change due in 2026, many critics expect an overhaul in pecking order. While Red Bull is due to manufacture it’s own engine in partnership with Ford, former F1 driver Robert Doornbos does not have faith in the partnership. And therefore advised Max Verstappen to jump ships the first chance he gets.


Robert Doornbos Claims Red Bull’s Partnership With Ford Will Fall Apart!

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull
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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has made it obvious that he wants Max Verstappen to replace Lewis Hamilton in the second seat in 2025. However, with the Dutch driver being in the midst of a dominant run with Red Bull, a move suggested by Wolff is far-fetched. While Red Bull’s internal turmoil offered a glimmer of hope to Wolff, the escalation has died down as Verstappen camp agreed on a truce with Christian Horner camp. However, regardless of the dominant run, former F1 driver Robert Doornbos does not believe the Bulls would be able to maintain it in the long term. With the engine regulation change coming into effect in 2026, Doornbos claimed that the relationship between the drink-based outfit and Ford won’t deliver.

Notably, Red Bull is slated to manufacture their homegrown engine in partnership with Ford in 2026, thus terminating their existing relationship with Honda. “Ford is not going to deliver. As it looks now, they don’t have enough power,” said Doornbos on Ziggo Sports. Therefore, he advised Max Verstappen to save his future at Mercedes at the earliest. With a slot open in the aftermath of Lewis Hamilton’s departure to Ferrari, the window is open for Max to do what’s right for his racing career. Doornbos also added that Mercedes has been an engine manufacturer for a long time and knows their game well. They mastered the turbo hybrid regulations last decade and stood the best chance to get the engine right time around as well. Hence, to ensure a longer period of domination, it’s best for Verstappen to shift to Brackley, believes Robert Doornbos.

Max Verstappen Fuels Premature Retirement Speculation With Striking Claim

Max Verstappen

Recently rumors surrounding Osaka outbidding Suzuka International Circuit to host the Japanese Grand Prix gripped F1 community. However, to put an end to speculations, Liberty media extended Suzuka’s circuit’s contract until 2029. That being said, when Max Verstappen was asked about his preferred track, he had a striking response which took the internet by storm.

Max Verstappent said that it does not matter who wins the Japanese Grand Prix hosting right after 2029 as he won’t be in the sport anyways. Notably, Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull runs through 2028. Post that, the future is uncertain as the Dutch driver is frustrated with the sport enforcing constant changes to the formats and extension of calendar.

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