Lewis Hamilton With Charles Leclerc

When Ferrari announced their contract with Lewis Hamilton for 2025 earlier in 2024, the F1 fraternity was taken aback. Hamilton, who has been Mercedes’ protagonist over the past decade, is set to switch sides. However, his recent form has been a reason for concern. The Briton is enduring the worst start to a season since his debut. Moreover, he has not won a race for the past two years. 

However, his impending transfer to Maranello could turn the table. Although the 39-year-old racer is excited about the new journey, experts believe his Ferrari advent could be ‘really difficult.’ The reason is Charles Leclerc, who will welcome Hamilton with fierce competition. 


“The Batte Between Leclerc And Hamilton Will Be A ‘Treat To Watch,” Says Rosberg

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Lewis Hamilton, who won his last world title in 2020, awaits the record-breaking eighth title. However, his recent performance has brought criticism despite a lasting legacy. However, his Ferrari move is hailed as ‘game-changing,’ a former F1 champion thinks otherwise. Jenson Button, who outpaced Hamilton in 2009 to win the title, feels the Briton might have difficulty in the upcoming season. During a Sky Sports podcast, he expressed skepticism over the ‘dream transfer.’ Further, he added that Leclerc has been with Ferrari since 2019; thus, his experience with the setup would come in handy. Although Hamilton and Leclerc could partner quickly, the latter would make things’ really difficult’ for the Briton. Ferrari has a tradition of allowing a battle between the two drivers instead of giving an advantage to one. 

Nico Rosberg, Hamilton’s former teammate who managed to secure victory over him in the 2016 driver’s championship, echoes a similar sentiment. He feels Charles is not someone who likes to get in a ‘conflict,’ but he is currently the second-best driver after Max Verstappen. Hence, Rosberg admits that the battle between Leclerc and Hamilton would be worth watching. 

Hamilton Rolls His Sleeves To End Mercedes Woes  

Lewis Hamilton

However, despite an impending Ferrari move, Hamilton wants to end his Mercedes run on a higher note. While the W15 project lacks a competitive pace, the seven-time world champion is optimistic after a decent Miami GP. Notably, he finished sixth behind Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz. This was his best performance in the first quarter of 2024. However, everyone is aware of his racing talent and capabilities. Thus, he expressed his willingness to pick up the pace again. 

In a recent media interaction, he lauded the efforts of the entire team. The Briton hopes for a turn of events before leaving the Brackley-based outfit. Further, he confirmed that the decision to leave was not because of relationship issues, and the support from Mercedes has been commendable. The former world champion is fed up with a string of below-par performances; thus, he wants to get back to winning ways.