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Sir Lewis Hamilton will be a Ferrari man next year. F1 fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for that moment. After all, it is the combination of the most iconic team and the most decorated driver in the sport. Even if this combination does not work, like winning championships, it is going to be a big deal for the sport. How often do fans see the most successful racer join hands with the most successful team? For that Deja Vu feeling, fans need to go back to twenty years ago. That was when Ferrari was dominating the grid, with Michael Schumacher steering the wheel.

However, in modern times, it is hard to believe that the Prancing Horse could sign with the most successful driver. Coming to 2024, Lewis Hamilton has won the most number of GPs and an equal number of championships as the great Schumacher. Can the Maranello team help the seven-time champion Hamilton win his eighth? It seems highly unlikely, given the Red Bull hegemony of modern times. But Fred Vasseur believes his relationship with the Mercedes star should be beneficial both for the Italian team and the racer.


Fred Vasseur And Lewis Hamilton Know Each Other All Too Well

Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari Source: Sky Sports F1

During the great British driver’s junior career, the Ferrari team principal and he formed a long-standing bond. Before making his Formula 1 debut in 2007, Lewis Hamilton won the junior championship, GP2, now called F2, with Fred Vasseur as his team boss. The Frenchman and the British racer worked together during the racer’s F3 days, too. Since then, they have had a great relationship. Moreover, the Ferrari boss talked about Lewis Hamilton joining the Prancing Horse next year during the SF-24 car launch earlier this season. He revealed why he believes the signing of the seven-time champion was the right move for the team. 

During the car launch, Fred Vasseur told the media that he and Hamilton know each other really very well. Moreover, Vasseur believes the great Briton will bring a lot of expertise, and there is no doubt about his caliber. The Frenchman feels that Hamilton’s switch will do wonders for the Maranello team. Moreover, Vasseur praised Hamilton, saying that he is still one of the fastest racers on the grid. On top of that, the Frenchman pointed out the last year’s gap of 50 points between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Clearly, Hamilton’s still got it. Moreover, Vasseur and Hamilton’s combination is about to take F1 by storm. 

The Seven-Time Champion Racer Credits The Frenchman For Being The Reason Of Him Switching Teams


Lewis Hamilton won the GP2 under Vasseur in 2006. Next year, his GP2 win helped him make his debut in F1. They have known each other for a very long time. Moreover, Lewis recently revealed to Grandprix247 that he would not have signed with Ferrari if it were not for Fred. However, it was his childhood dream to drive for the Prancing Horse. 

In addition, Hamilton said what Vasseur has been doing at the Italian team excites him, and he is pretty grateful for that. Moreover, Ferrari fans are hoping to see their beloved team start winning titles once again with the Hamilton-Vasseur combo. Adding to that, there are rumors that suggest Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey might join the Maranello team next year.

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