Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has really struggled with a string of injuries over the last year and a half. The Spaniard missed almost the entire half of the 2021 season. Nadal made a comeback at the start of 2022 and won his 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in January. Rafa was going strong with a 20-win streak before he suffered from a rib stress fracture at the Indian Wells. Rafael played the finals through the pain and ultimately lost his first game of the season to Taylor Fritz. Since then, Nadal has been sidelined for six weeks and made a comeback at the Madrid Open. 

Nadal lost to Carlos Alcaraz in the quarterfinals in Madrid. He went on to play the Italian Open a week ahead of the Rolland Garros. The 35-year-old started strong against Denis Shapovalov before his chronic foot injury resurfaced during the second set. Nadal\’s foot became unplayable during the third set, and the Canadian tennis player won the match. After his early exit from Rome, there have been concerns that the King of Clay might not be able to perform as per his reputation during this year\’s French Open. 


Moreover, Former tennis player Mischa Sverev feels that Nadal has been dealing with a lot of injuries quite often lately. The German tennis star feels that Nadal\’s career is slowly coming to an end as a result of recurring injury. Nadal has fought with injury throughout his career and still managed to win 21 Major titles. However, his fitness ahead of the Roland Garros is still a big question mark. Zverev thinks that it would be a shame if Rafa does not perform like his usual self in Paris this year.

Zverev Feels Nadal\’s Career Is Coming To A Close:

Mischa pointed out that a player can be positive and have strength and energy in their head. But, with Nadal suffering the rib stress fracture, and then the foot injury coming up, Nadal might be dealing with too much at once. The 34-year-old also mentioned that Nadal has looked a little more tired on the pitch than usual. Zverev added, \”There are just too many problems that come up too often.

Mischa Zverev

Moreover, Mischa compared Nadal\’s situation to a car with trouble every few kilometers. The German had mixed feelings about Nadal this year. Either the Spaniard will charm everyone with his performance on Parisian clay, or the fans will see a more tired and struggling version of Rafa. Further, Mischa said, \”And that would be a sad thing.\”

Hopefully, Nadal will get better as the tournaments start. The Spaniard\’s doctor will be available in Paris during the tournament to assist him. Rafa will definitely fight hard to win his 22md title and get two ahead of Djokovic and Federer. However, it would not be easy for Rafael with competitors like Carlos Alcaraz and Djokovic against him.

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