Aaron Judge
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Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain and franchise face, rose to fame after his MVP season in 2022. He shattered an all-time high home run record to become a household name in baseball. Notably, the slugger re-signed with the Yankees by the end of the year in a record-breaking extension contract.

Aaron Judge never looked back from then. He went on to become a fan favorite across the league and established a legacy for himself. Owing to his growing popularity and recognition, the sports shoe apparel brand Jordan signed the Yankees captain as a brand ambassador from the field of baseball.


Aaron Judge Spotted In Air Jordan 1 Low Cleats In Spring Training

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge’s white and navy Air Jordan cleats. © Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

After much anticipation and speculation, Aaron Judge signed an official deal with Jordan Shoes brand in August last year. The brand announced Judge’s onboarding with a stylish photoshoot where the captain was seen recreating Michael Jordan’s iconic ring pose. Days later, the brand released bubblegum-inspired pink Air Jordan baseball shoes in Judge’s custom line. The slugger even wore it during a game to promote his line further. That being said, ahead of the 2024 season, the captain’s involvement with the brand is getting more and more exclusive. In his recent spring training appearance in Tampa, Aaron donned a new pair of white and navy Air Jordan 1 Low cleats inspired by the Yankees’ iconic pinstripe uniforms.

This new pair appears far different from the bubblegum line introduced last year. Regardless, Aaron Judge is moving in the right direction with his association with an iconic brand. Notably, the slugger joined the ranks of a few elite baseball athletes who have been associated with the brand over the years. For Judge, being chosen as the new face of the Jordan Brand is a testament to his hard work and dedication. The impact he has had on fans through his impeccable skill is second to none. Moreover, Judge’s partnership with the Jordan Brand represents a convergence of sports and fashion. He brings his unique sense of style and personality to the brand’s iconic lineup of footwear and apparel. With his larger-than-life persona and effortlessly cool, Judge has the potential to elevate the Jordan Brand to new heights and reach new audiences around the world.

Judge Back In Action Amid Toe Injury Concern

Aaron Judge

Meanwhile, after a prolonged off-season break, Aaron Judge returned back to business with spring training last week. He drove a run in his Grapefruit League debut to mark a positive start to his 2024 campaign. However, Judge’s toe injury scare still continues to haunt the fans. Sharing an update, Judge said his injury will need maintenance for the rest of his career.

It’s not something he can get away with that easily, as there is no magic bullet. But Aaron Judge confirmed that he is fully healthy and will bat without any limitations this season. He might manage his workload to avert extra stress on the injured area. But overall, the slugger does not expect the toe to trouble him this year.

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