Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

Aaron Judge is not just the captain of the New York Yankees. But he is also the most important player of the team. Moreover, he is the key to the Bronx Bomber’s chances to make the postseason and then go a long way. However, things can get really difficult for the NY side in his absence. Hence, it is very important for the 27-time champions to ensure their captain stays healthy for as long as possible in one season. For that, the team must manage his workload so that he does not put too much pressure on his body. Last season, the Yankees could not make the postseason.

Things went downhill for the NY side when Aaron Judge hurt his toe due to a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence. Since that injury, the Yankees’ captain missed 42 games in the 2023 season. Without Judge, the Bronx Bombers could not maintain a winning streak. Anyway, the AL 2022 MVP’s work ethic is a big reason why he was able to get back on his feet to return to the lineup in 2023. But Judge could not help his team turn things around last season. Recently, Aaron Judge mentioned he will have to take care of the toe injury for the rest of his career.


Ahead Of The 2024 Season, Aaron Judge Feels His Toe Injury Will Bother Him Till His Career Ends

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

On Tuesday, Aaron Judge told the media via The Associated Press, that he thinks the toe injury will require constant maintenance for the rest of his career. Moreover, the Yankees captain mentioned that with an injury like that, he will have to stay on top of that to ensure that “It doesn’t flare up again.” The toe injury that he sustained last year resulted in a torn ligament. Moreover, Aaron Judge mentioned why the manager was thinking about moving him to the center field. He said he constantly gets hurt in the right field. That’s why Judge thinks they moved him to the center field.

Mostly, it is about playing smart while understanding the dimensions of the field. Anyway, the outfield looks pretty strong in the Bronx. Moreover, the combination of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto is what raises the hopes of the fans ahead of the 2024 season. Now, the players are focusing on their spring training. The Yankees captain finished the last season with .262 in 106 games and 37 homers along with 75 RBIs. Moreover, Judge hit his 250th home run last year, which made him the fastest hitter to reach that mark in the league. Despite a great start, Judge could not finish it well last year because of the toe injury.

Captain Feels Last Season Was Like A Wake-Up Call For The Whole Team

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First of all, the NY side could not qualify for the playoffs last season for the first time since 2016. It was a tremendous shame because the Bronx Bombers finished with an awful 82-80 record. Moreover, the Yankees had the second-worst batting average in 2023 behind the Oakland Athletics. Nothing really did go the Bomber’s way last year.

Aaron Judge recently said the last season embarrassed a lot of guys on the team. Moreover, Judge said, “It was kind of a wake-up call.” On top of that, Judge mentioned most of the guys in the group looked at each other and said, “It can’t happen again.” Hence, the NY side’s captain hopes to play it smart this year along with the whole team.

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