Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

Lakers center forward Anthony Davis had a strange reaction to LeBron James’ record-breaking dunk, which has left the fans puzzled.

On Tuesday night, LA Lakers superstar striker LeBron James scripted history. Los Angeles Lakers locked horns with Oklahoma City Thunder. But the man at the center of attention was LeBron “King” James. The Crypto Arena was jam-packed with fans, celebrities, and legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar in attendance. Before the game, King James was just 36 points away from being the leading scorer in the American League NBA.


The game started well for the purple and gold. During the final 10 seconds of the third quarter, LeBron received a pass, but his back was against the defender. Hence, the forward paused for a second and decided to shoot it from the deep. The ball went straight in, and LeBron James officially became the leading point scorer in the NBA. He surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s 38,387 record tally and scripted history. The entire stadium went bonkers except for one man.

Anthony Davis Looked Unfazed As The Whole Stadium Honored LeBron James

LeBron James- Anthony Davis
LeBron James- Anthony Davis

As LeBron James hit the decisive dunk, the Crypto Arena went bonkers and erupted in joy. His family and celebrity friends qued up to congratulate the veteran for his historic feat. Moreover, NBA officials stalled the game briefly and held a felicitation ceremony. The previous record owner, the captain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, passed on the ball to LeBron and crowned him the new record holder. Further, an emotional LeBron delivered a heartfelt speech and thanked the fans for their support.

However, amidst the joy and thrill, a video is doing rounds on social media, which has left the fans guessing. While the entire Lakers crew erupted in delight after LeBron’s dunk, Anthony Davis sat quietly on the bench, completely unaffected by the entire turn of events. Davis, who is considered LeBron’s best pal, sat still and did not even care to look or walk up to appreciate James. The video is already viral, and fans are smelling some tension and friction between the two Lakers stalwarts.

AD Looks Mad As LeBron Wraps His Hand Around The Former’s Shoulders

LeBron James Anthony Davis

Another video came up from that night which hinted at potential trouble in paradise. During the Tuesday night game between the Lakers and Thunder, LeBron James and Anthony Davis sat on the bench next to each other as they watched the game. The duo was engaged in a conversation, and AD looked absolutely mad. His body language depicted friction, and one could tell that something was indeed bothering the center forward. Further, as James wrapped his hand around Davis’ shoulders, the latter shrugged off Bron’s hand initially and muttered, “No.”

The LA Lakers are in a grave situation standing in the 13th spot at the Western Conference points table. Despite consistent performances from LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the team is failing to close the game during crucial moments. Moreover, the rumors of AD’s trade are rife. Hence, there might be something going around in the Lakers camp which is not made aware to the media.

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