Aaron Judge- Anthony Rizzo
New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge & Anthony Rizzo. Source: Foxnews

Captain Aaron Judge is clearly an integral part of the New York Yankees’ lineup. Hence, his absence due to injury has undoubtedly impacted the team’s performance. As one of the most talented players in the league, Judge’s contributions on both offense and defense are highly valued by the team. His power-hitting, defensive skills and leadership qualities make him a key figure in the Yankees’ success.

Since the captain’s injury, the Yankees’ offense has fallen apart. Their batting average and OPS are ranked the worst in MLB right now. Not only that, the offensive lackluster has led to repeated heavy losses for the team. As a result, fans and analysts jumped to the conclusion that without Aaron Judge, the Bombers’ lineup is of no use at all. Amid intense criticism, the club’s manager Aaron Boone and star baseman, Anthony Rizzo, have come forward to defend the team.


Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Boone Slams Media For Creating False Narratives Around Yankees’ Struggles

Aaron Boone- Yankees

Baseball is a team sport, and the success or failure of a team is rarely dependent on a single player. However, the Yankees’ struggles paint a different picture. For example, with Aaron Judge on the lineup, the team’s average runs scored per game rises to 5. At the same time, in his absence, the average drops to 3 runs scored per game. Not only that but since Judge has sustained a toe injury, the team has played 11 games and lost 8 of them. Despite clear indications, Yankee baseman Anthony Rizzo feels it’s a false narrative created by the media. He said that there are 30 teams playing in MLB right now without the presence of someone like Aaron Judge. But for them, it isn’t an issue.

He thinks that the media has created the narrative that without Aaron Judge, the Yankees have fallen. But that’s unfair towards the rest of the squad just to disregard their efforts. Yes, the team is facing a hard time, but that does not mean that the boys are not making an effort. Furthermore, the team manager, Aaron Boone, resonated the same sentiment. He said that as long as the Bombers continue to struggle, the narrative will stay there. However, he is confident in the abilities of his players. They can hit long shots and will come around at the right time. Well, Rizzo and Boone did their best to defend the team, but the fans still aren’t convinced.

Fans Ask Anthony Rizzo To Show Up Rather Than Whine About Media Stories

Anthony Rizzo-Yankees
Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo didn’t start Monday night in Seattle due to a sore neck.AP

The Yankees have a talented roster with players capable of stepping up and delivering strong performances. Players like Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, and Anthony Rizzo have the ability to make significant contributions. However, all of the mentioned players, including Rizzo, have failed to cover up in Aaron Judge’s absence. Rizzo, particularly, has recorded just two hits since Judge’s injury.

Hence, fans came down hard on the Yankee’s baseman. They urged him to focus on improving his gameplay rather than whining about criticism on an open platform. And not just Rizzo; it’s the responsibility of the whole team to step up and fill in for the captain. It’s high time the team distances itself from Judge’s overdependence. The season is already into its third month, and time is slipping away for the Bronx Bombers.