Anthony Rizzo
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Aaron Judge, the towering outfielder known for his insane power and hitting abilities, has been the heart and soul of the New York Yankees for years. However, this season, an unfortunate injury has sidelined Judge, leaving a noticeable void in the lineup and on the field. The captain crashed into a fence while fielding earlier this month and has been on IL ever since.

As Aaron Judge embarked on his recovery process on the sidelines, it was time for the veteran and highly paid batters of the lineup to step up and fill the captain’s void. However, the case has been completely opposite. Not only did they fail to cover for Judge collectively, but the hitters have also lost their individual form as well. Amongst the main culprit is none other than the cap’s pal and best bud, Anthony Rizzo.


Anthony Rizzo Has Been Terrible On Plate Without Aaron Judge

Anthony Rizzo
Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo didn’t start Monday night in Seattle due to a sore neck.AP

Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo’s friendship is one of the best bonds to exist in the Yankees clubhouse. Rizzo even refused to play for the Bombers without Judge during the whole off-season saga. But it seems like Rizzo is missing his pal a little too much, and it is directly hurting the team. The captain suffered an injury earlier this month and is likely to miss an extended period of time. Hence, as the team’s veteran baseman, the pressure stayed on Rizzo to cover for his pal. However, the pressure ultimately got the better of him. Moreover, his recent stats prove the same.

Since Aaron Judge landed on IL, Anthony Rizzo has played eight games and managed to record only two hits. He has not hit a homer this entire month, and his batting average has plunged to .054, which is the worst among all the veterans. Since June 1, Rizzo has gone 2-for-37. This is concerning coming from a reliable hitter like Rizzo. Despite everything, the Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, has backed the baseman. He believes that Rizzo goes through such short slumps every season. Hence, it’s nothing to worry about majorly. Meanwhile, for Anthony Rizzo, it’s all about being yourself and staying in the course of the game till the very end. Let’s hope Rizzo comes out of this situation really soon. The team needs him badly.

Yankees Fans Annoyed With Offense’s Repeated Collapse

New York Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu reacts after fouling a ball off of himself against the Boston Red Sox during the seventh inning of a baseball game Saturday, June 10, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)(APMedia)

Playing without Aaron Judge is already a misery in itself. On top of that, the core group’s failure has further enraged the Yankee fan base. Let’s state some concerning, rather alarming stats. Since Judge has landed on IL, Josh Donaldson is hitting .091, Giancarlo Stanton at .115, DJ LeMahieu at .185, and Gleyber Torres at .172. This is the Yankees’ core hitting group we are talking about. These men were supposed to be the captain’s supporting cast. Yet, here they are, struggling to secure single hits.

Naturally, the fans are raging and have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment. Many believe that such a collective slump is unacceptable, especially for high-end veterans. How long will the Yankees continue to stay dependent on Aaron Judge? Do they even have a play B? Or do they expect Judge to majestically stay healthy for the whole season and keep constantly hitting for them? Whatever the reason is, things are not looking good for the team at the moment.